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Health Test #2

speed up your central nervous system stimulants
what does CNS stand for central nervous system
what is the most popular stimulant caffeine
what are 4 others coffee, chocolate, tea, energy drinks
slows down the cns depressants
most popular depressant alcohol
most deaths per year by... nicotine
nicotine is a stimulant
4 human tools of decision making 1. self awareness2. conscience3. imagination4. willpower
define self awareness i can stand apart from myself and observe my thought and actions
define conscience i can listen to my inner coice to know right from wrong
define imagination i can envision new possibilities
define willpower i have the power to chose
define BAL blood alcohol level
what is the minimum to be cited with a DUI for OH .08
your body rids approx. ( ) beer(s) per hour 1
most abused alcohol
cancer causing agents found in tobacco/cigarettes carcinogens
when liver fails because of to much alcohol liver failer
result of years of alcohol abuse(scarring) cirrosis of the liver
substances that change body/mind other than food drugs
physicallogical or phycoligal dependent on a drug addiction
age to consume alcohol 21
proactive words ill try...
reactive words i cant...
***know 2nd hand smoke ***know inhalents and steriods
***give proactive/reactive response in different sinerios
5 keys to goal setting 1.count the cost2.put it in pen3.just do it4.use momentous moments5.rope up
Time quadrants -urgent,important -urgent, not important -not urgent, important -not urgent, not important
Created by: darrl
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