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Geography ch 24

geography test questions chapter 24

Which country does not have productive diamond mines? Seychelles
Where is the high veld located? Central South Africa
Which of the following is an important sourse of water in the Namib Desert? Dew and Fog
Which of the following cities has a Mediterranean climate? Cape Town, South Africa
Which of the following is not a mojor river in Southern Africa? Congo River
What type of biome is found in the middle veld? Savanna
What mountain range is located in South Africa? Drakensberg Mountains
What skill did the early Bantu settelers bring to Southern Africa? how to make iron tools
Which of the following was not a early kingdom in Southern Africa? Kush
Why did the dutch originally want to settle in Southern Africa? They wanted to farm
What was a cause of the Boer War? desire to control the regions mineral wealth
What European country controlled Bechuanaland (now Botswana)? Great Britian
Which two countries were once called North and South Rhodesia? Zambia and Zimbabwe
When did South Africa first hold elections that were open to all citizens? 1994
Which of the following people speak Sotho? Basuto
What is Zimbabwe's most important export crop? tobacco
Which country exports vanilla? Madagascar
Which country has one of Africa's fastest growing economies? South Africa
Why do so many children develop illness in Southern Africa? Poor nutrition due to poverty
Why is life expectancy declining in southern Africa? high rate of HIV/AIDS infection
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