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AP Psych Unit Three

2023- 2024, Biology and Basis of Behaviors

MS attack on myelon sheath
Gilil Cells supports, nurish and protects nerons
Action Potential depolarization, going up, neural impulse
Refraction Period repolarization, going down, inactivites after neuron has fired
Sodium Potassium Pump if goes down under -70 resting potential this brings it back up
Selectively Permiable cell membrane only allows certain molecules to leave or enter membrane
All or Nothing Response neron cannot do a half response
Biology Psychology link bwtween biological and psychological processes
Neuron a nerve cell, buliding block of nervous system
Synapse junction between tip and neuron
Neurotransmitter chemical messages sent to neuron across synapse influence wheather neuron will create impulse
Reuptake neurontransmitter resporption by sending neuron
Endorphins painkillers/ control , morphine within, exercise increases
Acetylcholine muscle movement, memory and learning, too little alzheimers, mimics nicotine and bitulism
Dopamine movement, feel good, too little Parkinson, too little schizo
Serotonin mood stabilizer, undersupply is depression and prozac used to fix such
Norepinephrine adreninly, arousal, too little, depressed mood
Gamma Aminobutyric Acid major inhibitory = the break, decreasing chances of getting to threshold, undersupply is seizures, valium used to repair
Glutamate the pedal, opens channels, oversupply overstimulates brain
Agonist amps up, mposter, herion for example, brain can tell difference
antagonist amps
MS attacks myelon sheath on axon, auto immune disease
Gilil Cells Supports, nurish and protects neurons
Restin Potential at -70
Created by: anisassyed
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