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registry prep 2

registry prep Qs 2

LET and RBE are related how directly proportional
GCF formula mAs1/mAs2=GCF1/GCF2
mm to cm conversion 1mm = .1cm
convert 100mm to cm 100mm = 10cm
in to cm conversion 1in = 2.54cm
convert 12in to cm 12in = 30.48cm
heat unit formula (single phase) kVp X mA X s
heat unit formula (3phase 6pulse) kVp X mA X s X 1.35
heat unit formula (high frequency) kVp X mA X s X 1.41
turns ratio for step up transformer greater than 1
turns ratio for step down transformer les than 1
Z number atomic number (number of protons)
A number mass number (number of protons + neutrons)
Neutron number mass number – atomic number
What is the speed of light? 3 X 10(8) m/s
Covert 10ms to S 10ms = .01
ms to s 1ms = .001ms
mREM to mSV 1mREM = .01mSV
rem to sv 1rem = .01sv
an ionization chamber is located between the tabletop and the IR
a phototimer is located: under the cassette
reproducibility error margin +/- 5%
linearity error margin +/- 10%
tube housing leakage limit 100mR/hr at 1m from tube
PBL error margin +/- 4% of the SID
A spinning top is used to measure timer accuracy on a single phase
Max tabletop intensity in flouro 10R/min
SID error margin +/- 2% of the SID
Annual occupational dose limit (in rem, mrem, sv and msv) 5rem, 5,000mrem, .05sv, 50msv
Created by: annaluz87