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The First Crusade BB

Flashcards on the first crusade.

Where was the place that Muslims believed Mohammed ascended to heaven? Mount Zion in Jerusalem. This is one of the main reasons that Muslims find Jerusalem as such a holy place for their religion.
Why was Jerusalem so important to to the Jews? It was the place where Moses received the ten commandments from God. Therefore, the Jews find it as a very sacred place.
Why was Jerusalem sacred to christians? It was the place where Christ died on the cross and ascended to heaven.
Why did the muslims call those participating in the crusade "The Franks"? It was a reference back to their dealings back to Charlemagne. They were considered by the Muslims as Barbarians.
Who was William of tyre? Hey was the archbishop of Tyre and the chronicler of the first crusade.
Where did the catholic faith dominate? Why? The catholic faith dominated western Europe because they are taught that all around them is sin that will contaminate them.
How was pope urban powerful? Pope urban was powerful both spiritually and politically; although he had the ability to send troops to assist Alexis, he saw an opportunity to solve several problems especially strengthening the position of the catholic church.
What did the pope recieve from Emperor Alexis? A plea for help asking for troops to protect his cities from the Muslim Turks.
How did pope urban twist the Emperors plea? Pope urban twisted his plea when he instead of sending 300 trained knights, Pope urban sent around 60000 trained fanatics that were not wanting to do what the Emperor wanted them to do.
When did pope urban preach his sermon at the Counsel of Clermont? November 1095.
What did urban promise in his sermon? He promised that whoever fought would be assured entrance into heaven.
How much did it cost for a Knight to go on a crusade? He would have to raise 6 years worth of wages to go on their journey.
What happened when the crusaders arrived at Constantinople? Emperor Alexis was furious when he was faced with the large army that's intent was to capture the Holy Land which his people had lost 400 years before.
What was Alexis' plan? Alexis invited the leaders of the crusade to come into the city. Then he made them swear an oath to become his vassals.
When did the crusade begin? May 1097.
Which city did the crusaders reach first? Nicaea - the first of the former Byzantine cities.
What happened on June 18, 1097? Emissaries of the Byzantine Empire got to Nicaea before the crusaders did and then told the Turks to surrender peacefully so they wouldn't get killed by the crusaders.
What happened in the battle of Dorylaeum? Crusader troops became separated and when they reached Dorylaeum, they were ambushed by the Turks who had a very strong fighting force.
Where did the crusaders go after the battle of Dorylaeum? Why? They went through the Anti-Taurus mountains to avoid further ambushes.
How long did it take to cross the Anti-Taurus mountains? It took the crusader army over 3 weeks to cross.
Created by: heeb14