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Dim Dim can use with up to 20 people, have a presenter, who can lead a meeting with others
Pat McCarly retired school administrator in River Falls. what makes a good teacher? life long learners and passionate
Google Wave is like instant messaging, but the other perosn can see what you are typing while you type., you can look back on old waves add in youtube videos, documents, etc it is called wave because others can add onto it
Wiki allows severs to freely and edit web page
survey monkey web based- no downloads free and payed editions, the free one is very basic. this is a great tool for officies for evaluating teachers
Job Prospects very competitive in teaching positions. cover letter- no more than 2 pages, catches someones attentions references- school administrator because they are good at evaluating teachers. ask the administrator to evaluate you during observations
e-portfolio have a hard copy as well ask in interview when you can show them your portfolio
Vocab Grabber a program that allows you to enter a word and it will give you a web of words with a similar meaning it can correct spelling, say the word, and other languages there are 2 editions to it online and desktop
Skype free, can talk and instant message to others anywhere in the world
first 3 years of teaching teachers are on probation for their first 3 years and can get fired without just cause. after 3 years the schools need to document everything
iMovie is part of the mac computers, allows you to add music, fotos, add voice and make a movie. this is a drag and drop program
PICNIK.COM this is an OSS site, it is like photoshop but FREE. you can edit pics and change colors and so on
beginning a class have something for students to keep busy, like extra credit problems, a video, song etc
Screen cast o-matic free software, lets you record your voice and show your students a web page as you click on each item.
Zoho free program, like Power point, but you can upload youtube videos, songs, websites, etc, you can share books with another person and you can work on it from different computers amazing!! can create texts and download them to your computer for a presentation
Photoshop is an adobe program, allows you to edit phots, resize them, etc.
Babble fish can translate webpages to different languages
Jing can use it for instructional videos, can take screen shots of the computer, good for distance learning
Zamzar free download. can convert items into different endings like .mov, .jpeg, etc
tiny url can shorten up a URL of a website
playlist this program allows you to create your own of songs, or you can listen to others play list already created
kick you tube allows you to download a video from youtube and save to your computer
Vimeo hosting site
Mark Chapin Classroom management. principal at meyer middle school. TIPS: 1. get to know students names on 1st day. 2. share your phlosophy- set goals, etc. 3. develop simple classroom rules 4. demonstrate your classroom management.
Nancy Toll technology person at Hudson. they will be doing a 1-1 program for grades 6-12, which means they will each have a laptop. They will be getting rid of labs and add classrooms.
Wordle allows you to enter words and it will make you a picture of the words
Jukebox allows you to play music. You can chose from different geners
3 year probation schools can let you go anytime before 3 years without just cause, after 3 years it is harder
Excel allows you to make graphs, keep track of data. you can use it for grades, attendance and etc.
Study Stack allows you to enter vocab, and you can do different games with the words like matching, flashcards
Tracy Lawyer. he emphasizes in civil cases and teaches 1 class at the U OF M.
scott v saves landmark case involves a high school hockey player who was eligible for college level and went to the counselor to see if a certain course would count, the guy said yes, but the college did not accept it
voss vs. elkhorn drivers ed class, teacher wanted to show student what drunck driving felt like, so he gave them these fail vision goggles. he went further to have them walk around with them. A girl fell and was injured
Noffke vs Holmmen cheerleading 2nd most injuries after football. the team was practicing a stunt and one of the girls had to go on top. she went on top and there is supposed to be someone behind to catch you, but no one was, so she fell to the ground.
Kyle Stapleton teaches at River Falls Acadamy. Went to UW-Stout for technology education. Started teaching at hasting, where class sizes here huge. At the acadamy there is a parent night once a month.
Kyle Stapleton how to make you own smartboard- wii remote using bluetooth, bluetooth toggle, pen,, smart tools,
Webquest Is like an online project. Lets students learn how to research on their own and find reliable sites
Inspiration this company also makes kids inspiration and inspira data. The program allows you to make a flowchart. you can add in notecards with additional information, you can record your voice. . You can do a 30 dya free trial.
audacity recording system. Free allows you to search for sounds like a trumpet, etc
Atomic Learning Have thousands of free tutorials, for photoshop, dreamweaver, etc, ect. It can be found on the UWRF website
Respondus how to test students. This program makes tests and both can work with moodle, or D2L. There is a 30 day trial
Study mate like studystack. only for windows. creats tests like one answer, muliptly choice, note cards, and games.
iClickers one time fee and updates. you can use it to take attendance with a question, no software needed, reciever up to 1500 votes, goes with D2L, moodle, powerpoint, can import to excel. 30 per clicker
tinypic can upload pics and edit them, and it will give you an embedding code so you can send it to others
adobe flash used to be called macromedia. It can create animated pics
smartboard it's expensive but works well for younger grades.
airliner/smart slate comes with the smartboard. advantages- allows you to walk 30ft from the computer. it can control powerpoint, each student could have one. disadvantages- it is just a blank screen
smart sympodium like a podium but with smart technologies advantages over smartslate- you can see what is on the overhead, can record your lecture, easier for older grade levels, and not as expensive
splashup like photoshop you can edit photos and add borders, resize
Manny Kinny member of the school board
Jeff Warner Chief Negociatior
Mike Martin 5 elements for admission to Teacher edu program: 1. english competency C or B in 100 and 200 2. speech- B- or higher 3. overall 2.75 GPA 4. TED 212 C or higher 5. PRAXIS
Scott Wojianowski he taught us how to use Dream weaver!!
flicker image site where you can download images
twitter OSS, the name came from twitch or vibrate. you can send messages and read them. you can also send them to facebook
survey monkey web based- no downloads. free version and one that costs money. this program allows you to create surveys for a class, evaluation/
wave nomination email on steroids. first you need to apply for an nomination, and once you have one you can add others. you can instant messgae, upload documnets, videos, etc.
job prospects very competitive in teaching. refrences: school administrator- ask them to observe your class teacher you work with a professor Be Unique- two languages, study abroad
classroom management problems Jeremy wasn’t as strict as he should have been. Was glad cooperating teacher spent a lot of time out of the classroom, so he could learn to handle things on his own.
classroom management problems Stefany had a situation with the smartboard. Student drew boobs on screen when teacher stepped out of room. She remained calm, told teacher to erase something. Set the mood right away, and made things easier for her when she took over the classroom
Advice Set the tone right away. Make expectations known right away. BE CONSISTENT!! Follow through when you have to Build a rapport; show that you care and want to know about them
Adminstration/Cooperating Teacher Support Prescott Administration is terrible. No support
Adminstration/Cooperating Teacher Support Hudson High School – 4 weeks into student teaching, still hasn’t seen either the principal or assistant principal Don’t worry about relationship with administration. Work with the people around you – other teachers, janitors, office staff, etc.
Who evaluates you • Cooperating teacher(s) • Supervising teacher (comes in 2 or 3 times a quarter) • If you’re assertive, you’ll have a principal or assistant principal come in and evaluate you as well
E-PORTFOLIO Take the J-term class on e-portfolios DPI requirement; most of the principals don’t want to see it. They want your resume, lesson plans you’ve created, references
Back Up To create a duplicate copy on another storage medium for use in case the original copy is lost.
Blog A blog (weblog) is a web site, where you write substance (such as in a journal or diary) in a reverse chronological order. New substance shows up at the top, so your visitors can read what's new.
Firewall A combination of software and hardware that provides various levels of securitymeasures designed to keep computer hackers out of networks and to keep data safe.
GIF (graphic interchange format) A graphics format that is used primarily for animated art,color images, clip art, line art, and gray-scale images.
peg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) The agreed-upon standard for high-resolutionimages; pronounced “jay-peg.”
Open Source Software OSS is computer software for which the source code is made availableunder a copyright license for the public domain. An OSS license grants rights to users, which wouldotherwise be prohibited by copyright laws. This permits users to use, change,
Pixel The smallest unit of information in an image. Each pixel represents a portion of the image ina specific color. The term pixel stands for “picture element.”
WIKI The first ever WIKI site was created for the Portland Pattern Repository in 1995. WIKI is apiece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Webbrowser. It’s can be thought of as a combination of a Web sit
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