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Vocabunit 12

cache n.) a hiding place; something hidden or storeds-stockpile,hoard,store
clarification n.) the act of making clear or understandable, an explanations-elucidation, explication
despondent adj.) sad, without hope, discourageds-dejected, depressed, forlorna-jubilant, elated
embezzle v.) to steal property entrusted to one's cares-swindle, defraud
heartrending adj.) causing mental pains or griefs-moving, sad, heartbreaking, poignanta-amusing, funny, hilarious
leisurely adj.) unhurried, taking plenty of time adv.) in an easy going or un hurried ways-slow, relaxeda-hasty, hurried, rushed, hactic
lethargic adj.) unnaturally sleepy; dull, slow moving; indifferents-lazy, sluggish, listlessa-wideawake, alert, energetic, dynamic
malady n.) a sickness, illness, disease, disorders-ailment, indispositiona-health, well-being
mellow adj.) ripe, well matured; soft, sweet, and rich; gentle, pleasentv.) to become gentle and sweets-dulcet, creamy a-
nomadic adj.) wandering,moving about from place to places-roving,roaming,vagrant,migratory,itineranta-sationary, settled, rooted, fixed
piecemeal adj.)one piece at a timeadv) graduallys-bit by bita-all at once
quest n.) a search or a hunt v.)to search, seek, asks-pursuit, venture
random adj.) by chance, not planned or prrearranged; irregulars-happhazard, arbitrarya-planned, dileberate
rant v.) to speak wildly and noislyn.) loud, violent talks-rave, fume, spout,haranguea- whisper, mumble
reinforce v.) to make stronger woth new materials or support s-strengthen, bolster, prop up, supporta-weaken, undermine, sap, impair
seclusion n.) isolation from others, solitudes-aloneness,solitarinessa-the thick of things
status n.) a person's condition or position in the eyes of law; relative rank or standing, especially in society; prestiges-situation, recognition
turmoil n.) astate of great confusion or disorder; mental strain or agitations-upheavel, tumult, chaosa-peace and quiet, order
abound V.) to be plentiful, to be filled with s-burst with, overflow with, teem with
braggart n.) boaster adj.)boastful in a loud ways-bigmouth, blowhard
Created by: michaelcortesio