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PSY101 Midterm terms

Psychology terms

Random assignment participants are assigned to different experimental groups or conditions based on chance and chance alone
Implementation science focuses on developing generalizable knowledge
Operational definition the translation of a hypothesis into specific, testable procedures that can be measured and observed in an experiment
Conservation the understanding that quantity is unrelated to the arrangement and physical appearance of objects (think of same amount of water in different shaped cups example)
Behaviorism focuses on observable behavior that can be measured objectively
Determinism the idea that people's behavior is produced primarily by factors outside their willful control and is predictable
Negative eugenics Measures to limit reproduction in families with undesirable traits; ex: sterilization (often without consent)
Positive eugenics Measures to increase reproduction in families with desirable traits; ex: giving ppl with high IQ's monetary support for children
Ecological theory of development Looks at a child's development in terms of the system of relationships that form his/her environment
Cohort effect The effect that having been born in a certain time period or experiencing the same things has on the development of a particular group
Correlation Does NOT = causation; only shows you the association or relationship between two variables but does NOT show of one causes the other
Tabula rosa The idea that all people are born with a "blank slate" and that all knowledge comes from later perceptions or experiences
Structuralism Focuses on understanding the fundamental mental components of consciousness, thinking, and other kinds of mental states and activities
Functionalism Concentrated on what the mind does- the functions of mental activity- and the role of behavior in allowing people to adapt to their environments
Biological determism says all human behavior is innate and determined by genes
Cultural determinism the belief that the culture we are raised in determines who we are at emotional and behavioral levels
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