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EXSS 313

Weeks 1- 4

Motor Development Study of changes in human movement behavior over the lifespan, the processes that underlie these changes, and the factors that affect them.
Locomotion Moving from one place to another place
Manipulation object control skills
Gross motor skills using large muscles to create big movements
Fine motor skills using small muscles (in the hand) to manipulate and object
Orientation being able to orient yourself with space (you need posture control/balance)
3 types of movement behavior Locomotion, manipulation, and orientation
3 parts of motor development 1. Change in human movement behavior over lifespan 2. processes that underlie changes 3.. Factors that affect changes
typical pattern of development Norms (infants begin to walk around 9-16 months, typical milestones)
Skillfull Be proficient and accurate 1. Maximum constraints of success (accuracy) 2. Efficiency 3. Adaptability - when the environment changes the less skilled person will have a harder time adjusting than a very skilled person
Construct Things you can't directly observe
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