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Dosage Forms!

Definitions of some common dosage forms.

Dosage formdefinitionRoute(s)
capsules an oral solid dosage form, usually consisting of a powder contained inside a gelatin shell. May be extended-release. PO
tablets solid dosage form. May or may not be coated, extended-release, or chewable. PO, PV, SL
powder a solid dosage form made from a thoroughly blended mixture of one or more active ingredients and excipients. Top., PO (usually dissolved in food/liquid)
lozenges, troches oral dosage forms allowed to dissolve over time in the oral cavity. Bucc.
suppositories a solid dosage form inserted into the body. Melts or softens at body temperature. May have systemic or local effects. PR, PV, intraurethral
solution a liquid form in which a water-soluble solid chemical is dissolved into water or other liquid. PO, top, IV, IM, SQ, ophth, otic, inh.
suspension A liquid preparation that contains insoluble solid particles that will "settle" to the bottom if left alone. Must be shaken prior to administration. PO, IV, IM, SQ, ophth, otic
Emulsion Oral, IV or topical; a mixture of two immiscible liquids. Example: italian salad dressing. PO, IV, IM, SQ, top
Ointments a semisolid preparation applied to skin or mucosal tissue (such as eyelids). Greasy texture, common base is petroleum jelly. top, ophth
Creams soft, opaque solids usually applied externally. Absorbs completely into skin top, PV
Gels a semisolid usually applied externally. Consists of an oil phase and an aqueous phase. top, PV
metered dose inhalers Not suitable for compounding per FDA regulations. inh.
patches Externally applied dosage form that contains a reservoir of drug that releases transdermally at a constant rate. Should be applied to a clean, hair-free area of skin. top.
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