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WG SOL Review

Review for the Virginia SOL Test in World Geography

Dams Built to prevent flooding of rivers and create hydroelectric power
Flood More water than the earth can obsorb
Volcano A vent through which magna erputs
Erosion The wearing away of the Earth's surface
Reservoir A place where humans collect water for future use
Desertification Grasslands disapper and the land becomes arid (desert)
Windward The side of the mountain that receives the wind and has precipitation
Leeward The side of the mountain opposite of the wind and has a arid or semi-arid climate
Doldrums Area around the equator that experiences no wind activity
Pull Factor A condition that attracts a person to a new country or region resulting in migration to that new location
Portugese The official language of Brazil
Push Factor A condition that forces a person to leave his or her home country and settle in a new country
Renewable Resources The earth's resources that can be replenished naturally
European Union Economic alliance founded after World War II to reduce trade barriers in Europe
Per Capita Income Average income per person per year
Erie Canal Manmade waterway that connects Lake Erie with the Hudson River
Richmond, Virginia The seat of Virginia's state government; fall line site
Multinational Corporation A company that is located throughout the world; example - Coca-Cola
Rio Grade River River that forms a boundary between the United States and Mexico
Archipelago An island chain
Atacama Desert Desert located on the coast of Chile
Subsistence Farming Farming just enough for your family
Eurasia Huge landmass that contains Europe and Asia
Madrid The capital of Spain
Venice City in Italy that contains many canals and is facing water pollution
Berlin The capital of Germany
London The capital of England
Chunnel A tunnel that goes beneath the English Channel and connects Great Britain with France
Ural Mountains Mountains that seperate Europe from Asia
Aral Sea Sea that is shrinking because of irrigation
Aswan High Dam Dam located on the Nile River that helps control seasonal flooding
Landlocked Country A country that is completely surrounded by land
Hydroelectric Power Energy that is created by water
Hinduism The main religion of India
Rice The major crop of Asia
Coral Islands Islands that were formed from the build up of coral reefs
Maori The indigenous people of New Zealand
Great Barrier Reef Huge coral reef located off the coast of Australia
Thatched Roof Dwellings Buildings found in the Pacific Islands
Ghost Towns Mining towns that have been deserted due to resource depletion
Baghdad, Iraq City located between the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers
Mental Map A map in a person's mind using objective knowledge and subjective perceptions
Equator 0 degrees latitude
North Pole 90 degrees north
Relative Location location in relation to other geographic features
Absolute Location a locations latitude and longitude
Scale shows measurement on a map
Kashmir land conflict between Pakistan and India
Robinson Projection general purpose map
Distorted all maps are distored
Satellite Images accurate pictures of the world
Cartographer a person who makes maps
Islam the dominant relgion of the Middle East
Sun Belt the southern region of the United States that is the fastest growing region of the US
Great Plains area of grasslands found in the central area of North America
Rust Belt area south of the Great Lakes
French and English the languages of Canda
Arable Land fertile soil in which crops can be grown
Thames River river that London, England, is located on
Fjords long, narrow steep-sided inlets carved out by glaciers during the last Ice Age
Switzerland country that has limited natural resources but has a huge banking industry
Castles architectural structure in Europe
Ob River river that flows north into the Arctic Ocean
English a world language
Jerusalem Jews, Christians, and Muslims claim this city as a heritage site
Fossil Fuels oil, coal, natural gas
Cote d'Ivoire limited natural resources so it uses its cash crops to exchange for manufactured goods
Omaha, Nebraska and Sacramento, California cities that grew up along the Transcontinential Railroad
Rio de Janerio the former capital city of Brazil before it was moved to Brasilia
Rainforests areas of lush vegetation located in the tropical rainforest climate zones
Amazon Rainforest the largest rainforest in the world
Lincoln Memorial architectural structure located in Washington DC
Mosque religious building of Muslims
Synagogue religious building for Jews
Taj Mahal famous tomb located in India
Kurdistan area in the Middle East that is home to the Kurds, who would like to have thier own country
Francophone the French speaking world
Entrepreneur a person who creates his or her own business
Primary Activity the first step in the economic cycle; deals directly with gathering or collecting natural resources
Red Cross international organization that cares for the sick and wounded or helps disaster victims
Cape Town, South Africa Important location that served as a supply station before the Suez Canal was built
Exxon Valdez an oil spill off the coast of Alaska in 1989
Continental Divide a point at which fallen precipitation seeps into rivers that flow toward opposite sides of the continent
Aleutian Islands island chain off the coast of Alaska
Hacienda a large farm in Latin America
Shantytowns squatter settlements outside of a major city
Tikal ancient Mayan ruins
Industrial Revolution movement born in Europe in the 1700's
Cotton the main type of crop in Central Asia
Arabs the main ethnic group of the Middle East
Water the most precious resource of the Middle East
Machu Picchu ancient Incan city found high in the Andes Mountains
China's Sorrow another name for the Yellow River
Timbuktu, Mali city that grew up on the Trans-Saharan trade route
Monotheistic Religion believing in one God
Samovars Russian pots used to make tea
Chalets a-framed houses often found in Switzerland
Smog a haze of smoke and fog that often hangs over heavily polluted cities
Oasis water and vegetation located in the desert
Ring of Fire area in the Pacific that has many volcanoes and has the possibility of experiencing earthquakes
Low Countries regions of the world that are at or below sea level
Mental Maps A map created from one's memory.
Temperature How hot or cold it is at a given time
Easterlies Prevailing winds that blow from the east toward the west
Earthquakes Tectonic plates meet and pressure builds causing the earth to shake
Acid Rain Pollution mixed with air moisture
Greenland The world's largest island
General Purpose Maps Poltical or physical maps
Sahara Desert Large desert found in north Africa; it is growing because of desertification
Monsoon Strong winds that bring heavy rain to South and Southeast Asia in the summer
Polders Low-lying areas that humans reclaim from the sea; Netherlands
Mexico City Capital city of Mexico; suffers from major air pollution
Sierra Madres Mountain range located in Mexico
Middle East A region that is also called Southwest Asia
Tropic of Cancer 23 1/2 degrees north
Yurts Nomadic people in Mongolia live in these tent like structures
Korean War War that divided Korea into two parts, North Korea and South Korea. (1950-1953)
Desert Area that recieves between 0 and 10 inches of rain a year
Natural Resource Any type of resource that occurs naturally on earth (coal, trees, copper, oil)
Eiffel Tower Structure located in Paris, France
Skilled Labor Traning is required to acquire a skill; higher wages; seen in developed countries
Secondary Activity The second step in the economic process; manufacturing and processing
Precipitation Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail
Latitude Imaginary lines that measure degrees north and degrees south; also called parallels
Compass Rose Directional indicator on a map; shows a map's orientation
Canal A manmade waterway that connects two bodies of water; usually created for trade or transportation
International Date Line The place on earth that time changes one day; 180 degress longitude
Mercator Projection Map projection that shows true direction; often used with ship navigation
Thematic Map A map of a particular theme (population, climate, resources)
Varanasi, India Hindus often make a pilgrimage to this site
Tropical Wet Climate Rainforest climate; warm year round; found at and near the equator
Wheat Belt Area in the Great Plains where large amounts of wheat are grown
Comparative Advantage The advantage of one country to more efficiently produce a good or service compared to another country
Boundary Lines Dark black lines on a map that divide the countries territory
Hurricanes A major tropical storm originating in the Atlantic Ocean
Irrigation Diverting water to a field for agriculture
Climate The weather conditions over a period of time
Fales Open sided, thatched roof shelters found in the Pacific
Igloos Homes built by the Inuits from ice
Polar Projection Map projection that shows either the North or South Pole; Usually used by pilots
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries An economic alliance created in 1960 to control the production and sale of oil
Law of the Sea United Nations treaty in which the resources of the oceans are regulated
Syria/Israel Conflict dating back to 1967 when Israel took Golan Heights
Antarctica Treaty Created in 1959 to demilitarize Antarctica and make it a haven for scientists to study
Nationalism Strong feelings of pride for ones nation
Physical Map A map that shows mountains, rivers, lakes, etc.
League of Arab States A political organization created after WWII
South Pole Found at 90 degrees south
Tornadoes Violent rotating columns of wind; found mostly in the US (Tornado Alley)
Tradewinds Winds that blow toward the equator
Westerlies Winds that blow from the west toward the east
Arctic Circle Found at 66 1/2 degrees north
Colorado River Helped carve out the Grand Canyon
Typhoons A major tropical storm located in the Pacific Ocean
Deforestation When humans cut down trees
Greenwich, England Home of the Prime Meridian (0 degrees longitude)
Longitude Imaginary lines that measure degrees east and west; also known as meridians
African Union A political organization created in 2002 to promote economic development, human rights, and democracy in Africa
Fertile Triangle An area rest of the Ural Mountains; farming and industrial area
Cattle/Sheep Stations Commonly found in Australia
Gauchos Latin American cowboys
Delta An area where the river fans out
Ruhr Valley An area of coal and iron deposits in southwestern Germany
Oral Tradition Passing down stories by word of mouth
Matrioskha Dolls Nesting dolls found in Russia
Languages in Canada English and French
Sydney Opera House Architectural structure found in Sydney, Australia;designed to look like boat sails
Po Valley Area of coal and iron deposits in Italy
Warsaw Capital of Poland
Gross Domestic Product The amount of goods and services produced in a country in one year
Wadis A dry streambed that can fill up with water when there is a large amount of precipitation
Caste System A part of the Hindu religion; illegal in India
Green Revolution Following WWII, Asians began experimenting with agriculture
Coral Islands Ring shaped islands that formed from coral reefs and volcanoes
Bagdad, Iraq Located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Tierra Caliente In vertical zonation, it is the lowest elevation zone
People's Republic of China The correct political name for China
Yellow River River in China that has killed thousands in floods; also known as China's Sorrow
Antarctic Circle 66 1/2 degrees south
Great Dividing Range Mountain range located on the eastern coast of Australia
Political Map A map that shows national boundaries;
Subarctic Climate Cold winters; cool summers; permafrost; taiga
Virginia State Capital Building Located in Richmond, Virginia
Mount Fuji Mountain located in Japan
Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic alliance created in 1976 to reduce trade restrictions in Southeast Asia
China/Taiwan Conflict since the Chinese Revolution (1949); The Nationalists fled China and went to Taiwan when the communists took over
Aborigines The native inhabitants of Australia
Sudan The site of a civil war between the Islamic government and rebels
Peace Corps Created in 1961 to help developing countries and promote peace
Developing Country Limited technology; poorly trained workers; high population; low GDP; low per capita income; few natural resources; low life expectantacy; susbsistence agriculture
Imperialism A country rules over another country or region; European countries over African countries in the late 1800s
Latin America Spainsh speaking countries
Per Capita Income The average income per person for one year
Teritary Sector Service industry
Site The actual location of a city
Literacy Rate The percentage of people that can read and write
North Atlantic Treaty Organization A military alliance that supports democracy
Tierra Templada Middle zone in vertical zonation that experiences a mild climate
Tiaga Russian word for coniferous forest
Suez Canal Manmade waterway that connects the Mediterrean Sea with the Red Sea
Archipelago A group of islands
Situation Another name for relative location
Languages in Switzerland Multiple languages
Prision Colony Australia was colonized by the English
Tropic of Capricorn 23 1/2 degrees south
Fall Line A division in the Pedimont and Coastal Plains regions of Virginia; Richmond
New York Stock Exchange The center of the world's financial markets; located in New York City
Angkor Wat Ancient building found in Cambodia
Chinatowns A major city may have an area where mostly Asians live
Chernobyl Site of a nuclear explosion in the former Soviet Union
Managerial Skills The ability to manage others
United Nations A political organization created in 1945 and is made up of over 190 countries; works for internation peace
Commonwealth of Nations An organization of 53 nations including the UK and some former British colonies that are now independent
Quebec Canadian provience that speaks French
St. Lawrence River Narrows at Quebec City, Quebec
Copper Chile has an abundance of this mineral
Pampas/Llanos Grassland areas found in South America
Panama Canal Connects the Atlantic to the Pacific
Black Forest Forest area located in Germany that is dying as a result of acid rain pollution
Rome Capital of Italy; originally built on a hill
Mediterranean Climate Climate region that borders the Mediterranean Sea; experiences hot, dry summers; date and olive trees
Northern Ireland Conflict between the Protestants and the Catholics
Arabian Gulf Sometimes called the Persian Gulf
Istanbul, Turkey Command of Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits; land bridge to Europe
Cyprus Conflict between the Turks and the Greeks
Bazaars and Suqs The outdoor markets of North Africa
Escarpments Huge cliffs
Cataracts Large waterfalls located in Africa
Khartoum, Sudan Site where the Blue and White Niles meet
Burundi and Rwanda Conflict between the Tutsis and Hutus
Western and Eastern Ghats Mountains found in India
Burma Also known as Myanmar
Continental Islands Islands formed by rising and folding of ancient rock on the ocean floor
Preserves and National Parks Most of these in Africa are found in the tropical wet and dry climate region
Xi'an, China Located on the Silk Road
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