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Easy Italian Reader vocabulary

abbellimento embellishment
abiurare to abure
accattivamente captivating
accétta hatchet
acchiappare to grab
acciáio steel
accógliere to welcome
acquistáre to buy
addentáre to bite
addobbare to decorate
adesso now
affaciársi to appear
affare bargain (business in plural)
affermazione statement
afferrare to grab
affiancare to accompany
affidare to entrust
affollare to crowd
aggrapparsi to cling
aguzzo pointed
álbero tree
allagato flooded
allargare to widen
allatare to nurse
allevare to raise
allibito shocked
allontanarsi to go away
allora then
altezzoso haughty
alzare le spale to shrug one´s shoulders
ambulante peddler
amméttere to admit
ammirare to admire
anche even, also, too
ancora still, yet
anello ring
annebbiato cloudy
annéttere to annex
antenato ancestor
antro cave
appalto bid
apparecchiare to set the table
appartenenza belonging
appéndere to hang
appositamente purposely
approfitare to take advantage of
aratro plough
Created by: legionaire