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Unit 7 South Africa

Vocabulary Study Guide

Escarpment Steep cliff at the edge of a plateau with a lowland area below
Industrial diamonds Diamond used to make drills, saws, or grinding tools rather than for gemstones
Deforestation Cutting down forests without planting new trees
Savanna Broad grassland in the tropics with few trees
Desertification Process by which dry areas turn into desert
Nationalism Feelings of affection and loyalty towards one's country
Apartheid A system of laws in South Africa aimed at separating the races
Refugee Person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
Malnutrition Condition that results from people not getting enough nutrients because of not eating enough food or a variety of food
Extended family Household made up of several generations including grandparents, parents
Nuclear family Family group that includes only parents and their children
Clan A large group of people who have a common ancestor in the far past
Subsistence farm Small plot of land on which a farmer grows only enough food to feed his or her family
Genocide Mass murder of people from a particular ethnic group
Infant mortality The number of deaths per 1000 live births in the first year of life
Created by: rachelwh