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FBISD 2nd Sem DA voc

FBISD 2nd Semester DA voc practice

able to read and write literacy
not able to read and write illiteracy
one who flees his or her home for safety refugee
equally among all individuals per capita
Resources that are created or produced at least as fast as they are consumed, so that nothing is depleted renewable resources
the value of goods and services created within a country in a year GDP
a natural resource which cannot be produced, re-grown, regenerated, or reused non renewable resources
a small and inadequate amount scarcity
crack in the earth's surface created by shifting rift valley
movement of people from rural areas into cities urbanization
basic urban necessities like streeets and utilities infrastructure
systematic killing of a racial or cultural group genocide
clearing forests to plant fields for a few yaers and then abandoning them shifting cultivation
producing just enough food for a family or a village to survive subsistence farming
disposal of waste products sanitation
right to vote suffrage
electrical energy generated by water hydroelectricity
obtain goods or services from an outside supplier outsourcing
a collection of countries who agree to make trade between themselves easier and to maintain barriers to trade with countries outside of the bloc. trade bloc
organization formed in 1967 to promote regional development and trade in Southeast Asia ASEAN
supply with water irrigate
the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer perspective
Things that make people want to leave an area push factors
conditions in a location or region that encourage people to migrate to it pull factors
movement of people from rural areas into cities urbanization
Created by: jaclyn.scales