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Unit 12 OTA

the act of being alone; separation. Defense mechanism. Avoiding conflict (Vaknin , n.d.). Isolation
In Psychoanalytic Theory, the defense mechanism whereby our thoughts are pulled out of our consciousness and into our unconscious (1993). Repression
defense mechanism where unacceptable impulses are converted to their opposite (1993). Exclusion from conscious awareness of disturbing memories, thoughts and wishes in order to manage emotional conflict and cope with stressors (Vaknin , n.d.). Reaction Formation
Defense mechanism. The attribution of positive, glowing, and superior traits to self and (more commonly) to others (Vaknin , n.d.). Idealization
Trying to rid oneself of gnawing feelings of guilt by compensating the injured party either symbolically or actually (Vaknin , n.d.). Undoing
Ignoring unpleasant facts, filtering out data and content that contravene one's self-image, prejudices, and preconceived notions of others and of the world (Vaknin , n.d.). Denial
is a psychological process whereby the subject assimilates an aspect, property, or attribute of the other and is transformed, wholly or partially, after the model the other provides. (Wikipedia, 2010) Identification
Halted, frequently interrupted speech to the point of incoherence indicates a parallel disruption of thought processes. The patient appears to try hard to remember what it was that he or she were saying (Vaknin , n.d.). Blocking
A defense mechanism where undesired or unacceptable impulses are transformed into behaviors which are accepted by society (1993). Sublimation
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