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x-ray week 4


Unit used to indicate total quantity of x-rays in an exposure mAs
How do you correct an overexposed radiographic image? decrease mAs
How do you correct an underexposed radiographic image? increase mAs
The overall darkness or "blackness" within a radiographic image density
The difference in density between adjacent portions of the image. radiographic contrast
Generalized unwanted exposure on the image. fog
A variation in size or shape of the image as compared with the subject it represents. distortion
Another name for size distortion. magnification
Distance between the body part and the IR object image distance (OID)
A change from small focal spot to large focal spot results in decreased image sharpness
An increase in OID will result in increased magnification
With a large OID, reduction of magnification is accomplished by increasing the SID
If a radiographic image is blurred due to motion, which exposure factor should be used to correct this problem decrease in exposure time (seconds)
The first step to reduce voluntary patient motion communicate with the patient
Effect of magnification on recorded detail decreases recorded detail
Created by: Debra.Agee