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geography test

the process of evaporation,condensation,and precipitation water cycle
the effect of an external force such as wind glaciers,and moving water on earths surface erosion
The surface layer of earth that includes the crust,continents,and ocean basins Lithosphere
The process in which continents move and magma flows to create many of the Earth’s physical features Plate tectonics
The location of all of Earth’s water Hydrosphere
An underground layer of rock often saturated with freshwater Aquaphor
A process in which an oceanic plate dives under a continental plate Subduction
A source of freshwater from rain or snow that filtered through soil or rock Ground water
The theory that Earth’s continents were once joined and then drifted apart Continental drift
The process of making ocean water drinkable Desalination
Scientist theorize that Earth’s largest physical features are/were created by Collisions between land masses
The Solar System consists of A Group of planets revolving around the same sun
The Grand Canyon was slowly created by what kind of external force? Water erosion
The Sun activates the water cycle by Evaporation
Which is the result of faulting Earthquake
Why would a geographer think understanding our solar system is important? To understand how earth fits into the solar system,much how different areas of earth work together
The main reason for the creation of desalination plants is To provide fresh water for humans
What three areas of the Earth work together so life in the biosphere thrives? Hydrosphere,lithosphere,atmosphere
Where is the world’s freshwater supply located? Lakes,underground,streams,icecaps
Earth’s lithosphere consists of Crust, continents,ocean bases
Place the nine planets in order Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,Pluto
LIST AND DESCRIBE THE STEPS TO THE WATER CYCLE Evaporation,condensation,precipitation,collection
LITHOSPHERE Crust,continents and ocean bases
ATMOSPHERE A layer of gasses that extent about six thousand miles above the earth surface
BIOSPHERE All living things
7 continents 5 oceans
Created by: tinanina
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