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APOSTROPHES used either to indicate possession or mark missing letters
how many combinations could there be if you have 3 salads 5 main dishes and 2 desserts 3x5x2=30
What happens to a positive fraction of less than 1 to a power it gets smaller (1/2)2=1/4
if you raise a negative number to an even power the number becomes positive
multiplication terms a- area- of- per- rate- triple
terms that mean divide many each..out of..percent ..quarter
percent is just a fraction with a denominator of 100
golden rule of algebra what ever is done to one side has to be done to the other
distributing exponents when several numbers are inside parentheses the exponents out side the parentheses must be distributed to all the numbers within
ratio part/part
favorite factors 2 2 x -y =(x+y)
favorite factor 2 2 2 2 X +2yx +y =(x+y)
favorite factor 3 2 2 2 X -2xy+y =(x-y)
when dividing numbers with the same base subtract the bottom exponent from the top exponent
the first power any thing to the power of 1 is itself
adjectives modify nouns if it fits in this sentence its an adjective He(or she or it)is very__________
prepositions about.above.across. before between despite from on onto over with under
sentence connectors but also therefore
ordering of sentences in a paragraphs tip link any two sentences than check answer options
loc,loco place,area locally...allocate
how many even prime numbers are there between 0 and 100 1 (2)
rational numbers can be written as whole numbers,a fraction,or as a repeating decimal
irrational numbers cant be written as an integer over another integer
positive x positive= positive x negative= negative x negative- positive negative positive
even x even = odd x odd = even x odd = even odd even
even + even = odd + odd = even + odd = even even odd
when is a number divisible by 3 when the sum of its digits can be divided evenly by 3
name 9 single pronouns anybody,each,someone,anyone,everybody,nobody,either,everyone,somebody
neither and either are singular
its' not a word
never use an apostrophe on his,her,your our
conjunctions plus commas can be used to link two independent clauses
modifying phrase a group of words with out a subject
if the subjects of a run on sentence are related what abbreviation could be used semicolon
does periods and commas go inside or out side quotation marks inside
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