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Technical Reportingg

Report revising and Editing

Large-Scale Revising: Content Consists of what mains things? Orgainization,Balance,Description,Audience,Conclusion
Orgainization is Group materials into categories with an outline
Balance is Do your main categories contain equal amounts of info?
Audince is does your reader need to know this?
Small-Scale Revising: Style Consists of Adding examples,transitions
Examples should be added because readers learn general principles through specific examples
Transitions should be added because they introduce sections with short that have short paragraphs outlining section centent and purpose and should include transition words in sentenses to make relationships clear (therefore,when,because)
The prupose of transitional paragraphs are... to connect to one section of the text to the next
the structure of transitional paragraphs... the summary of previous point and how it relates to the next point
Body Paragraphs -develop one main point within topic sentence-main idea logically follows preceding idea/paragraph
the topic sentence main idea always goes in the topic sentence, if main idea is complex start with an over view "the shoreline construction was completed in three phases: prep,delivering materials, and erecting structures"
The Support Specific detail to general topic statement.Definekey terms and use examples
Paragraph length 75-125 words
Coherence: Transitions :Common Logical relationships :addition: also, moreover, in addition,
Coherence: Transitions :comparison : likewise, similarly
Coherence: Transitions :Contrast
Created by: cplester
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