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Technical Reporting

Report Graphics

What are 3 Graphic Applications in a report? 1.Representation of objects (drawings)2. Numbers(costs of things)3.Concepts(Natural proceses)
Simple detail consists of what? Line drawing for instrustions,illustration
Complex Detail consists of what? photo for identification
Use text wrap for what size of images? Small images
After title blcok use what type of sitation? CSE name-year
How to orient a wide table? .Place sideways on page.number consecutively through report
Ruling table lines Double or heavey lines across topSingle line below column headingsSHow abbreviated units of measurment
Using Footnotes in tables used for necessary explanations to identify data with half-raised numbers or letters
Self-sufficient Figures Datannecessary for interpretation on figure itself
Figure Number and Title Place figure number and title bewlow the figureUse topic headings
Figure spacing Centre figure on page,(no border)Space figure number title below figure
Lettering Always label horizontally to the plane of vision
Keys and Legends Keys are numbers or leters to i.d graphic elementsLedgens use symbols
Bar chart Use to present tabular info visually, include scale on bar axis
Graph Overview Variance in data set represented as linePlot each data line(curve) between x&Y axes.
x= Indepenedent variable
y= dependent variable
Line graph conventions Label both axes,title and units of measurement
Wide graph repeat what? Vertical scale on right side of page
Several curves label each directly on graph
Block diagram use to show processes (flow chart) organization of people (organization chart)
Line drawing to clarify any process,idea or structure (maps,sketches,chematic diagrams)
Text Wrapping in microsoft word Half page width = top and bottom or tight (place right and wrap left)
Created by: cplester