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Freud Def. Mech.

Freud's Defense Mechanisms

Patty Hearst Syndrome What is Identification?
Getting your estate in order, and doing other tasks after getting bad news from your doctor. What is Intellectualization?
You keep trying to "forget" a traumatic event in your life. What is Supression?
Poor relationships as an adult because of a traumatic event as a child. What is Repression?
Stop dating people after a bad break-up and focus on another topic. What is Asceticism?
"I can't log in to my email, this iPad is stupid." What is Projection?
To admit or realize that your significant other is angry with you, but refuse to believe that you were dumped. What is Denial? (Minimization)
Refusing to believe bad news. What is Denial? (Simple Denial)
Arguing with your friends after getting reprimanded at work. What is Displacement? (Negative)
Working out after having a bad day at work. What is Displacement? (Positive)
You intentionally push bad details of an event into your unconscious. What is Suppression?
Details of a bad incident are pushed into your subconscious without you realizing it. What is Repression?
Someone who like to hit people becomes an MMA fighter as a career. What is Sublimation?
Slamming a baseball bat to the ground after you strike out. What is Regression?
Defending something or someone you hate to the extreme because of guilt. What is Reaction Formation?
The teacher likes them better, that's why they got an 'A'." What is Rationalization?
"Oh Yeah, you're just stupid." What is Regression?
Focusing on the process of getting through a bad situation instead of getting upset over it. What is Intellectualization?
Taking out frustration or anger on someone/something other than the cause. What is Displacement?
Refusing to admit that your physician's diagnosis of cancer is correct and seeking a second opinion. What is Denial?
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