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ABA Therapy

RBT Exam

ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) A therapy that uses scientific principles to teach and reinforce positive behaviors and reduce negative ones.
Continuous Measurement Frequency, Latency, Duration, IRT
Discontinuous Measurement Whole interval, partial interval, momentary time sampling
Latency Time between SD and response
Frequency How many times behavior occurs
IRT (inter-response time) Time between responses
Duration How long behavior occurs
Whole interval Behavior occurs for the whole time
Partial interval Behavior occurs at any point
Momentary time sampling Behavior happens at a specific moment
Listener response form of receptive language where a person is taught to respond to verbal instructions or questions
Discrimination training differentiate between 2 or more stimuli
Preference assessment Identifying the biggest reinforcers
Single stimulus Providing one item then recording response
Multiple stimulus without replacement (MSWO) The item chosen is not replaced, but removed
Multiple stimulus with replacement (MSW) The item chosen out of the array is replaced
Paired stimulus Provide 2 options. once one is chosen provide another 2 until all options have been paired together.
Free operant observation Observing during downtime
Differential reinforcement Reinforces one specific behavior while putting all other responses on extinction
Differential reinforcement of alterative behavior (DRA) Reinforcing an appropriate alternative behavior that serves the same function
Differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI) Reinforcing a behavior that is incompatible with problem behavior
Differential reinforcement of other behaviors (DRO) Reinforcing the absence of the target behavior
DRL Reinforce gradually decreasing rates of behavior
DRH reinforces incremental increases in the rate of that behavior
Tacting Seeing something and saying what it is
Manding Asking for something
Echoic Copying words or sounds
Intra-verbal conversing with others by responding to their verbal behavior
Textual Writing or typing
Autoclitic Modifying one's own verbal behavior for emphasis or clarity
Verbal operants Functional units of language defined used to analyze and teach language (B.F Skinner)
Created by: L.Angelina.G
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