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Century 2030-15

Intrapersonal conflict Conflict internal to the indivdual. p. 307
Dissonance Feeling of conflict felt by indivdual trying to make a decision. p.308
Interpersonal conflict Conflict between two or more indivduals. p.309
Intergroup (structural) conflict Conflict that results from the organizational structure; may be relatively independent of the indivuals occupying the roles within the structure. p.309
Organizational conflict Conflict between employees and the organization itself. p.311
Organizational diplomacy Strategies used to minimize conflict in a diverse workplace. p.315
Stress Mental or physical condition that results from a perceived threat of danager (physical or emotional) and the pressure to remove it. p.316
Technostress Personal stress generated by reliance on technological devices, a panicky feeling when they fail, a state of nearconstant stimulation, or being constantly "plugged-in". p.320
Burnout Condition that occurs when work is no longer meaningful to a person. p.320
Sabbatical Derived from Sabbath and lierally means a recurring period of rest and renewal. p.321
Workaholism working to the exclusion of everything else in one's life. p.322
Employee assistence program (EAP) Program sponsored by the organization that attempts to help employees with stress, burnout, and other personal problems that include alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety, domestic, trauma, financial problems, and other psychiatric/medical problems.
Wellness program Company-implemented program designed to prvent illness and enhance employee well-being. p.325
Conflict Overt behavior that results when an individual or a group of individuals thinks a preceived need of the individual or group has been blocked or is about to be blocked. p.305
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