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South Asia Vocab

civil disobedience nonviolent resistance
cyclone a large, swirling storm that forms over the ocean and slams into the coasts
dalit "Untouchables" or outcasts, the lowest social status
annual yearly, or each year
policy plan/course of action
sitar a long necked instrument with 7 strings on the outside and 10 inside that provides Indian music with a distinctive sound
monsoon a seasonal wind that blows steadily from the same direction for several months at a time but changes direction at other times of year
boycott refusing to buy or use certain goods/services
reincarnation rebirth of a soul into another body
alluvial plain an area of fertile soil deposited by floodwaters
green revolution the effort to use modern techniques and science to increase food production in poorer countries
atoll small, ring-shaped island
subcontinent a geographically or politically unique part of a larger continent
nuclear proliferation the spread of enormously powerful atomic weapons
outsourcing occurs when a company hires an individual or and outside company to do work
Raj the period of time in which Great Britain controlled India as part of the British Empire
delta places where rivers deposit soil at the mouth of a river
establish to set up
cottage industry small businesses that employ people in their homes
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