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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Resources vocab

Source of energy that travels in electromagnetic waves Solar
Fossil fuel that provides the U.S. with almost half of its electric needs Coal
Source of energy that results from organic materials Biomass
Fuel made from corn Ethanol
What is the main disadvantage/argument against nuclear power plants? Radioactive nuclear waste
A resource that can be replenished Renewable
Energy sources that do not deplete fossil fuel reserves Alternative Energy
Energy that is captured from the movement (flow) of water Hydroelectric
A device that converts radiant energy from the sun into electrical energy Photovoltaic cells
The radioactive element that is used in a controlled fission reaction Uranium
Fossil fuels are anticipated to run out in 50-70 years
Non-renewable resources that take millions of years to form are called Fossil fuels
What are the negative consequences of using fossil fuels Greenhouse gases, acid rain, pollution
This renewable energy source has a very expensive initial cost and therefore many homes have not chosen to utilize this source Solar
Energy is defined as the ability to cause Change
The earth's primary source of energy Sun
Oil can be refined to make Gasoline
A material that does not carry electrons easily Insulator
A material that does carry electrons well Conductor
Using a battery to operate a flashlight is an example of transforming _______ energy to _______ energy. chemical, electrical
Using a blow dryer is an example of transforming _________ energy to ________ energy. electrical, thermal
Energy that comes from heat inside of the earth Geothermal
A device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy Generator
What is the main benefit of using fossil fuels over alternative energy sources? less expensive
Energy from the earth's oceans and their water movement Tidal power
The uneven heating of the earth's atmospheric layers causes Wind
Burning fossil fuels release what gas into the atmosphere Carbon dioxide
Energy due to an objects place or position Gravitational potential energy
One way to save energy and lower electric bills is to use ______________ effectively Insulation
___________ and __________ are the biggest part of an energy bill. Heating, cooling
Insulation is rated by ___________. The higher the rating then the more effective the insulation is at resisting the transfer of heat. R-value
Ventilating a home's attic helps reduce solar heat gain, therefore reducing Energy costs
Energy can be produced by stripping the electrons from hydrogen gas using a Hydrogen fuel cell
When a home has air leaks around windows and door frames, energy is wasted. A home can be sealed using __________. Caulk
A generator uses the kinetic energy from a spinning _________ to turn its metal coils which results in an electrical field. Turbine
Reflective materials such as aluminum or other metallic foils that are placed under roofs in order to reduce the amount of heat transfer to the attic. Radiant barrier
Created by: kmbrinkley