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Geography 8th Grade


Map Scale relationship between real distances on the earth and distances on a map.
New York City a port of entry for immigrants from other parts of the world.
Demographic map population density of an area is shown on this type of map.
Compass rose shows directions on a map
Land Form a feature of the earth’s surface, such as, mountains or plains
Climate weather of a given area over a period of many years.
Weather day to day
Latitude horizontal lines on the map
Absolute location The exact address to get to the spot Ex. 138 Jones Road, Prairieville, LA 70769
North American in the Northern and Western Hemisphere (Know where the other continents are located)
Ice Age, much of the world’s water was trapped in glaciers.
The Gulf Coastal plain formed of layers of river sediment. LA is the only state that lies entirely on the Gulf Coastal Plain.
Coastal Erosion Ocean waves and hurricanes accelerate. Global warming causes ocean levels to rise and coastal marshes to disappear.
Storm surge a wall of ocean water that is pushed inland during a hurricane.
Cultural geography the study of how people have interacted with, changed, and adapted to living on the earth.
Cultural Geography of LA South LA – has a strong French culture. The Catholic Church is prominent and traditional Cajun foods, architecture, and music. North LA – more like other parts of the Deep South. Those areas were settled by English-speaking Protestants, and there is li
The Atchafalaya River The Atchafalaya River was once a small distributary of the Mississippi River. Because of a large log jam, little water could flow down it. During a l973 flood, a new delta formed. Over time, more of the Mississippi River flowed into the Atchafalya.Th
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