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WW. Chapter 1

Chapter 1, for physics.

The first x-ray fatality in the United States occurred in _____? 1904
Radiographic intensifying screens reduce exposure of the patient to x-rays by more than _____? 95%
Anything that occupies space and has mass; made up of atoms. Matter
The quantity of matter as described by its energy equivalence; measures in kilograms(kg). Mass
The force exerted on a body under the influence of gravity is _____? Weight
On the moon, we would only wiegh about ____ what we weigh on Earth because mass of the moon is much less than Earth. One-sixth
Fundamental, complex building blocks of matter are ___ and _____? Atoms and Molecules
The ability to do work is _____? Energy
Ability to do work by virtue of position; examples include: roller coaster on top of incline, stretched screen door, and a guillotine. Potential Energy
The energy of motion is _____? Kinetic Energy
The energy released by a chemical reaction ____ Chemical Energy
The energy that is contained within the nucleus of an atom. Example: atomic bomb. Nuclear Energy
Represents the work that can be done when an electron moves through an electric potential difference(voltage) is _____? Electrical Energy
The energy of motion at the molecular level and is closely related to temperature is _____? Thermal Energy
Perhaps the least familiar form of energy, but is used in an x-ray is _____? Electromagnetic energy
The transfer of energy is _____? Radiation
The removal of an electron from an atom is _____? Ionization
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