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Chap. 18

Thorax, chest and abdomen

the upper portion of the trunk thorax
the distal tip of the sternum xiphoid process
the sections of the lungs lobes
the inferior lateral corners of the lungs costophrenic angles
the space between the lungs mediastinum
What SID is used for a chest x-ray? 72 in.
the top, or superior aspect of the lungs apex
the structure that separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity diaphragm
What does ALARA stand for As Low As Reasonably Achievable
what does AEC stand for Automatic Exposure Control
how many vertebra are in the thoracic spine 12
how many vertebra are located in the cervical spine 7
what structures serve as cushions in the anterior portion of the vertebral column intervertebral discs
What is demonstrated on the upright abdomen? air-fluid levels
where you center for the AP projection of the abdomen in the supine position midsagittal plane at level of iliac crest
what type of cell is most radio sensitive embryonic
where is the odontoid process located the superior surface of the body of the axis
how many vertebra are in the lumbar spine 5
what is a phototimer a type of AEC device that terminates exposure after a specific quantity of light is detected
what is the purpose of "warm up" exposures to prevent damage to the anode from sudden heating
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