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italiano 3rd period

Study Stuff

Avere To Have
I have Io Ho
You Have Tu Hai
He/She Has Lui Ha
We Have Noi Abbiamo
You/They Have Voi Avete
They have Loro Hanno
Essere To Be
I Am Io Sono
You Are Tu Sei
She/He Is Lui E
We Are Noi Siamo
You/They Are Voi Siete
They Are Loro Sono
Abitare To Live
Amare To Love
Arrivare To Arrive
Ascoltare To Listen
Aspettare To Wait
Ballare To Dance
Cambiare To Change
Cantare To Sing
Cercare To Look For
Comprare To Buy
Frequentare To Attend or To go To
Giocare To play a Sport or Game
Guadagnare To Watch/Look At
Guidare To Drive
Imparare To Learn
Incontrare To Meet
Insegnare To Teach
Nuotare To Swim
Parlare To Talk
Passare To Pass
Portare To Carry/Bring
Practicare To Practice
Raccontare To Tell/Narrorate
Ricordare To Remember
Ripassare To Review
Salutare To Greet
Sciare To Ski
Suonare To Play and Instrument
Telefonare A Telephone Call
Tornare To Return
Trovare To Find
Dormire To Sleep
Capire To Understand
Scrivere To Write
Chiudere To Close
Correre To Run
Crescere To Grow Up/Raise
Dipengere To Paint
Leggere To Read
Mettere To Put/Place
Prendere To Take
Ricevere To Recieve
Rispondere To Rispond
Vedere To See
Created by: jordi