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RTE 2712 Wk 2

Reproductive system

Ductus deferens Conducts sperm outward, within spermatic cord
Endometrium Wall component, lining of cavity
Estrogens A class of steroid sex hormones that includes estradiol
Lactation Production of milk by the mammary glands
Meiosis Cell division that produces gametes with half the normal somatic chromosome complement
Menses The monthly loss of blood and endometrial tissue from the female productive tract
oogenesis Ovum production
Ovarian follicles Sites of both oocyte growth and meiosis I of oogenesis.
Ovary The female gonads, reproductive organs that produce gametes
Ovulation The release of a secondary oocyte.
Perineum The Pelvic floor and associated structures
Prepuce Loose fold or skin that surrounds the glans penis in males or the clitoris in females
progesterone The most important progestin secreted by the corpus luteum following ovulation
Seminiferous tubules Distributed among the lobules are approx 800 slender tightly coiled
Spermatogenesis Sperm production
Spermatoza Sperm cells
Testes The male gonads, site of gamete production and hormone secretion
Testosterone The principal androgen produced by the interstitial cells of the testes
Vulva The perineal region enclosing the female external genitalia
Gonads Testes in males, ovaries in females (repro organs)
Gametes Spermatazoa in males, ova in females (repro cells)
Fertilization Fusion of male and female gamete
Zygote Fertilized egg
Testes Enclosed by scrotum, produce spermatazoa (sperm)
Epididymis Stores sperm
Ductus deferens Conducts sperm outward, within spermatic cord
Male accessory organs Seminal vesicle, prostate gland, bulbourethral glands
Urethra Within penis, an erectile organ
Primary sex organ in males, Hang within scrotum Testes
Cremaster muscle lifts testis toward body
Tunica albuginea encloses testis
Gametes Reproductive cells
Gonads Reproductive organs
Interstitial cells production of androgens
Seminal glands High concentration of fructose
Prostate glands secretes antibotic
Bulbo-urethral glands secretes thick, sticky, alkaline mucus
Prepuce foreskin of penis
corpus luteum endocrine structure
Endometrium Uterine lining
Myometrium Outer muscular uterine wall
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
Menarche female puberty
Clitoris female erectile tissue
Laction Milk production
Coitus Sexual intercourse
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