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April 5-9, 2010

mourn to feel and show sadness about death
dignity seriousness and respect
verdict the decision by a jury in a trial
distasteful causing disapproval or dislike
flocked gone in large numbers to a place or event
buddy story a story about friends
eager enthusiastic and excited about something
inspire influence some to want to do something
prejudice judge someone without knowing much about them
decline to decrease in number or amount
commute the trip to and from the workplace
low-impact easy on the joints
standby waiting for a last-minute unreserved seat
ejected forced to leave
apologies statements expressing feelings of regret
fascinated strongly held someone's attention
malaria a disease spread by mosquitoes, which produces chills and fever
dampen lessen
settled into (idiom) become comfortable in a new place or situation
numerous many
Created by: jgalland