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What is the SI Unit for resistance Ohm
What is the SI unit for electric potential Volt
The SI unit for power is the_______ and one is equal to one _______ per second. Watt,joule
If you increase the mass of an object, how many of the following 7 would also increase? Potential energy,kinetic energy, acceleration,weight,force,joules, 6
how many of the following are among the 8 forms of energy? motional, chemical, radiant, x radiant, physical, electrical, static and kinetic 5
A fan that is plugged into an outlet and ON would be using _______ energy to transform into ________ energy electrical, mechanical
When added calcium chloride to water in the beginning of the year and heat was given off, you were transforming ______ energy into _____ energy chemical, thermal
Which of the following uses the same SI units of measurements? energy and force, power and energy, distance and height, gravitational force and velocity distance and height
In calculating how much it ill cost to operate an appliance, we use the units of _____ and the cost of one them in medina county is _______ kilowatt hour, 0.13
which of the following would you expect to use the most power? A rotating fan on a setting high, a portable heater with a rotating fan , a pencil sharpener while its being used, and a physics timer with both photogates blocked. A portable heater with a rotating fan
which of the following forms of energy would be illustrated if you were mixing and baking cookies in a kitchen with a double gas ovens stacks one above each other. mechanical, radiant, sound, gravational, thermal, electrical, nuclear Mechanical, chemical, electrical, gravitational
sam lifts his 7.4 kilogram backpack from the desk to his back a distance of 0.38 meters. What is the amount of potential energy he has given his backpack. 27.6 joules
A man lifts a bag of groceries a distance of 0.65 meters from the trunk of his car using 42 joules of energy. What is the mass of the bag of groceries. 6.6 kg
how high would you need to lift a 2-kg bottle of soda so that it would have 625 joules of energy? 31.9 m
what is the potential energy of a pumpkin with a mass of 6.2 kilograms as it awaits its launch in a trebuchet that is 8.2 meter above the ground 500 joules
what is the velocity of a pumpkin with a mass of 6.2 kilograms when it launches. 12.7 m/s
A 11.4 kilogram pumpkin traveling at a speed 13.7 m/s has how much kinetic energy 1070 joules
A circuit with more than one path current to follow is most commonly called a Parallel circuit
if you release a 138 gram car with a wing/flag width of 1.75cm from the top of a ramp that is 20.5 cm from a desk to a level track with a rubber band at the end and you find the time as the cars hits the rubber band is 0.024 seconds, what is Speed of car ran out if room but the answer is 72.9 cm/s
for the car/ramp experiment the car had the velocity of 72.9 cm/s. the mass of the car is 138 gram car. how much kinetic energy would the car have as it hits the rubber band. 0.04 joules
for the car/ramp experiment the car had a mass of 138 grams. the track was is 20.5 cm from the desk. we are on earth. how much potential energy would the car have before it is released 0.28 joules
for the car experiment how much kinetic energy would the car have after hitting the rubber band if the time it went through the photogate after hitting the rubber bands was 0.032 seconds. car = 138 gram. the car hits band = 0.024. velocity =72.9cm ran out of room but 0.02 joules
what is a series circuit a series circuit is the one that has one complete line. if a switch is shut their is no other paths
what happens if a light bulb breaks the whole circuit doesn't work.
in a electrical _______, increasing resistance makes the Amp_______. current, decreases
suppose you connect more and more light bulbs in series to a battery. what happens to the BRIGHTNESS of each bulb as you add more bulbs the bulbs grow dimmer with each new bulb added.
objects that can used to replace a wire in a circuit and still allow the current to flow are called _______ and a/n ______ is an example conductors, aluminum foil
what do AC and DC stand for and which one is most widely used across the us alternating or direct current, tesla AC
1000 grams = ? kilograms 1kg
100 cm= ? meters 1 meter
the standard international Unit for force is the _______ and to find an object fore in unit, you must use its acceleration in _______ and its mass __________ Newton, m/s² and kilograms
to find _____you? pick which one works. Mass, multiply force and acceleration, acceleration, divide force by mass, force, divide mass by acceleration, and acceleration, multiply mass and force acceleration, divide force by mass
what is acceleration of a skateboard that has a force of 175.8 and a mass of 18.9kg 9.3m/s²
what would the force be of a bumblebee with a mass of 0.04 kilograms accelerating at a rate of 8.6 m/s² when it lands on a flower? 0.34 Newtons
roger federer, swiss tennis star, hits a 60 GRAM tennis ball with a force of 3 Newtons. The ball accelerates at a rate of 50 m/s²
what is the mass of a rubber sphere that is being hurled across the room accelerating at a rate of 375 cm/s² with a force of 71.25 Newtons? 19 kg
lila uses a toy slingshot to launch a tennis ball across the park for her dog to fetch. for her first launch, she uses 50 N of force. her second launch uses 100 N of force, and her last launch uses 150N. Which launch had the greatest acceleration. the 150N launch
which one of newton's law is the reason that if your drop something even with a small mass from a large height, it could injure someone? 2nd
the law of motion which is also called the law of inertia is Newtons 1st
which of newton's laws applies to the forces of the washer pushing on the card and the card pushing back on the washer 3rd
the mass of the object affects its what. Force, inertia, weight, and all of these All of these
every action force creates a reaction force that is equal in strength and opposite direction. This statement summarizes newton's 3rd law of motion
newtons _____ law of motion may be summarized by following the formula 2nd, F=am
gallagher is like fruit ninja. what is the acceleration of the watermelon with a mass of 8.4kg that he uses a catapult to launch 193.4 newtons of force 23.0m/s²
the property of matter that resist changes in motion is inertia
Newtons ____ Law references two objects and the force they have on another and newton's _____ law references the relationship of an objects mass and force to one another 3rd, 2nd
In the cars , marble and rubber band lab which of the following should produce the least force in you were to try it. 0 marbles, one rubber band, 0 marbles, 3 rubber bands, 1 marble, 3 rubber bands, 3 marbles, 3 rubber bands 0 marbles, 1 rubber band
When you pull a tablecloth out from underneath dishes, all 3 newton's laws are observed. which one of newton's laws explain why the heavier the dishes are, the more they want to fall straight down and stay down 2nd
which of newtons laws is applicable to the reason that when you want to pull a tablecloth from under dishes that it must be pulled quickly 2nd
what could be used as units for force.(just applying force equal times) Pounds x centimeter/second², milligrams x meters/hours², kilograms x kilometers/day, grams x centimeters/second, newtons, centigrams x centimeters per second squared. 3
what was the result of adding 2 more marshmallows to the top, middle marshmellow of the structure you made Center of mass decreased
which option would make the biggest splash in the should jump up into the air as far as you can before falling into the water with your arms and legs should jump up into the air and pull your arms in before splashing you should jump up into the air as far as you can before falling into the water with your arms and legs extended.
which newtons law are applicable when operating a vehicle all 3
in the car, rubber band and marbles lab, which has the largest force. 1 marble & 1 rubber band, 3 marbles & 3 rubber bands, 1 marbles & 3 rubber band, 3 marbles& 1 rubber band 3 marbles, 3 rubber bands
which of newton's laws is the reason that you witnessed in the result of rubber band and marbles lab 2nd
in the drawing the free body diagram for the popper activity, which is true. all of the normal force are the same magnitude, the normal force arrows have larger magnitude then the applied force arrows the normal force arrows have larger magnitude then the applied force arrows
the reason we understand why spring BEGINS at a slightly different time every year is because of what? the universal law of gravitation
another name for magnitude is _______. quantity, amount, all of these, and stregth all of these
what is true about Albert Einstein's brain which made him more intelligent than many people. more convolutions/creases in his brain, the left side that is responsible for scientific reasoning was larger, larger connector between brain hemispheres larger connector between brain hemispheres
which of the following is true regarding newton. He created the universal law of mass, he was the first to state that all objects are attracted to one another, he was credited with the heliocentric theory he was the first to state that all objects are attracted to one another
newton's _ law described what. 3rd, the 2 opposing forces of 2 objects on one another, 2nd, how increasing the mass of an object decreases its force, 3rd the 2 opposing forces on an object, 1st how increasing the acceleration of an object 3rd, the 2 opposing forces of 2 objects on one another
which of the following is an accurate action/reaction pair for the popper activity. your hand on the popper and the popper on the table, the popper on the table and the table on the popper, your hand on the popper and the table on the popper the popper on the table and the table on the popper
In a direct relationship: variables change randomly, as one variable increases, so does the other, there is no change in data, when one variable increases, the other decreases as one variable increases, so does the other
the title of a graph is best used to represent the number of an objects in a specific categories. scatterplot, line, bar and x-y graph Bar
the title of a graph should be listed as which of the following: responding vs control, responding vs manipulated, manipulated vs responding, independent vs dependent responding vs manipulated
what kind of graph did we construct to represent the possible relationship between stress and coloring: bar, line, scatter plot, and pie scatter plot
which type of graph did we analyze to draw conclusions about the average lifespan of an american over the last three years: bar, line, pie X-Y graph line
which of the following includes a line of best fit: line, scatter plot, pie and bar scatter plot
When making the scale for a graph, which is true: The value per box= renage/number of boxes per axis, the value per box must be the same for X and Y axis, the x value should have a larger scale per box than y variable The value per box= renage/number of boxes per axis
A scatter pot is best type of graph to use when one variable causes a second variable to change in value
a graph is drawn paper to be 40 boxes by 40 boxes. the range for the values for x-axis is 0 to 60 seconds. the range of values for the y axis is 0 to 80. what is the scale for each axis x -axis is 1.5 seconds per box. y- axis is 2 meter per boxes
the phrase ____ is used to help make a graph and the letter U reminds you to do what MIXES TUCS, Units and labels should be used on both axis
what is MIXES TUCS M- Maximize you graph, IX- Independent variable on x -axis. ES- equally spaced scale increments, T- title, U- Units and labels on both axes, CS- continuous smooth curve to connect data points
In the phrase MIXES TUCS, one letter alones reminds you to do what. maximize all of empty graph space, to title your graph using accurate units, to title your graph writing the manipulated variable first, and make sure to use metric units maximize all of empty graph space
of the following 12, how many are units, Newtons, kilograms/ liters, mass, computer information, meters, megagrams, miles/hours squared, volume, gigabytes, acceleration, time, pounds 7
of the following 12, how many are labels? Newtons,kilograms/ liters, mass, computer information, meters, megagrams, miles/hours squared, volume, gigabytes, acceleration, time, pounds 5
in the graph that you analyzed on new york times website, most of them were what type? line
which of the following is the website we used to construct our graphs for our various activities.
one of the graphs we analyzed together was the one that dealt with our counties _____ longevity
What's the accurate title and type of graph for how frequently a number landed. the side that the die landed on vs the number it was rolled, scatterplot, number of times the die was rolled vs the side it landed on scatterplot. the side that the die landed on vs the number it was rolled, scatterplot
we experimented with a what to see if it would sink or float then graphed our results using a _______ graph japanese yen bar
when we used the website to make our various graphs, how many of the 10 items were TAB to use to change your various characteristics on the graph. labels, export to file, title, properties, data, best fit line, colors, font, percentages, print 4
whats a equilibrium a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. a book kept on the table at rest
if your looking to find G ( acceleration due to gravity) on another planet, what would you do. divide newtons by kg
the force of gravity on an object is called: weight
if you have an object that is suspended, the force that is used to hold the object is the _____ force tensional
Friction causes ______. the point of contact between two surfaces to decrease, a rock in a flowing stream to become smooth, a decrease in temperature of the object, a surface becomes more rough a rock in a flowing stream to become smooth
elons musk weight would be less on mars then it would on earth because: the radius of mars is smaller then earth radius
which of the following types of friction would be the most effective at decreasing the speed of an object. sliding
what is the normal force of a cell phone sitting on a table with a mass of 2.4 kilograms 23.5 newtons
which statement is correct: forces occur in pairs and in opposite directions,forces that cancel each other in magnitude causes movement, there are always 4 forces acting on a object, forces always act in opposite directions on separate objects forces occur in pairs and in opposite directions
if you were comparing yourself in weight in pounds, your mass in kilograms, and you weight in newtons, what would be true: your weight in newtons would be larger then your weight in pounds, your weight in pounds would be the smallest of the 3. your weight in newtons would be larger then your weight in pounds
in you discover a new planet and your weight is 1,116 newtons on the new planets and your mass is 70.9 kilograms, what is the g force on the planet 15,7 N/kg
A person's weight on the moon would be less then their weight on earth because: the moon has less mass then earth, there is no atmosphere on earth, the radius of the moon is greater then the earth radius, they have less mass on the moon and earth the moon has less mass then earth
a flying squirrel uses what type of friction to safely travel tree to tree. Air resistence
what are the types of friction static friction, rolling friction, sliding friction, fluid friction,air resistance,
in the lab where you tested static friction, which of the following is true: the smaller the frictional force, the greater the angle, using the sled yielded a higher speed then the car, the larger the frictional force, the greater the angle, the larger the frictional force, the greater the angle,
which of the following would have less static friction? A larger area where 2 surfaces touch, one surface being a rubber band, 2 surfaces separated by a pocket full of air, more weight on one of the surfaces that are touching. 2 surfaces separated by a pocket full of air
friction between two surfaces may be reduced by all of the following methods EXCEPT: putting liquid such as oil between surfaces, pushing the two surfaces together with a greater force, separating the two surfaces with a cushion of air, pushing the two surfaces together with a greater force
_____ decrease the speed of an object friction
the term that means the result of all the force together on an object is called the : net force
which type of friction is the reason that FAST automobiles have the shape they do air resistance
when an object is at rest, the forces acting on the objects are ____ , The _______ force equals zero and the object is said to be in ____ balanced, net, equilibrium
what instrument is used to measure force and what is the S.I unit for force spring scale, Newton
When using a free- body diagram to determine the ____ force on an object is important to pay attention to the magnitude and ___ of the arrows net, direction
which of the following represents opposite force pairs? Normal and weight, net and normal, applied and normal, and frictional and gravitational normal and weight
the tread on tire increases the ______ friction of the car static
if a person weighs 154 pounds is caring a 13.7 pound backpack. what is the weight of the backpack and is it or is it not within safety guidelines? 1kg - 2.2 pounds 60 newtons, yes
the cleveland zoo has a new baby gorilla which is currently weighs about 16.8 pounds. if its hanging by its 2 arms with 2/3 of its weight hanging from its dominant arm, how much force is on its dominant arm? 1kg = 2.2 pounds 50 newtons
a book exerts a force of 2.0 Newtons also called the _____ on a table as it lies on the surface. The force exerted by the table, called ___ force on the book is equal to _____ weight, normal, 2.0N
The weight of a person = 615 Newtons and they are leaning on only 2 of the 5 legs on the chair. what is the force of each of the 2 legs 308 N
if you were going to draw a free body diagram for the sponge on the wool in the static friction lab, before the sponge fell, which arrow would be the longest frictional force
in the sled and car lab, which decelerated more and why sled, sliding friction
the equation sheldon taught you is used to determine what the acceleration due to gravity on other planets
where is the largest vacuum chamber and when it is active it has no ____ NASA Lewis research center in cleveland, air
what were we representing when we put the marble in the petri dish decrease in sliding friciton
in you increase speed without changing your distance on a trip your time would _____ because speed and time _____ proportional. decrease, inversely
the expression "per" as in miles per hour or meter per second means division
the rate at which speed changes is called ____ acceleration
if you want to find distance, given speed and time, you need to do what multiply speed by time
what is the difference between speed and velocity. velocity has both size and a direction
the equation that correctly represents the relationship between distance, speed and time is d=v x t
how many could be used for acceleration. centimeters/seconds² ,km/day, minutes, miles per hour, months, feet/mile², kilometers/hours, kilometers/ day², yards/ seconds, kilometers 2
two cars are moving with the same speed. The velocity of both cars will be the same if the cars are moving in the same direction
in determining the speed of the car in the cars and ramps lab, the distance traveled when finding the instantaneous speed of the car at either poto gate was ______ the width of the cars flag
in the roller coaster lab, the marble had the highest speed at the _____ because ______ bottom of last hill, due to increased friction.
when you moved the photogates to different positions on the roller coaster and recorded the time from the timer and divided that time into width of the coaster rider ball, you were calculating what instantaneous speed
how many are units of speed. miles,meters,meters per hour,meters/second.miles/day,centimeters/miles,kilometer/hour,meters/second squared, kilometers/hours²,second/day 4
what would be the average speed of the maverick in miles per hour if the distance of the track is 0.08 miles and the times it takes to ride is 150 seconds. 20.2
if the speed of the Gemini is 19.7 mi/hr, how longs is the track in miles if the time it takes to ride is 140 seconds 0.76
The length of the track for gatekeeper is 4,164 feet (1 mile = 5820 feet). how long does it take to ride in minutes, if the speed of gatekeeper is 20.3 mi/hr 2.34
a roller coaster has a speed of 87 m/h at the bottom of the hill. what is the acceleration rate of the roller coaster at the top of the next hill wheres its speed is 38m/h if it takes 0.0019 hours for it to reach the top of the next hill -26,000 m/h²
a steeper slope on a position vs time graph means a slower acceleration
a flat, horizontal line on a speed vs time graph indicates constant speed
if a mercedes can accelerate from 0-85 km/hr in 0.0012 hours what is the acceleration 70,833
a flat, horizontal line on a distance vs time graph indicates speed = 0 m/h
which of the following is not true about acceleration. if the final speed is higher than the beginning speed, it will be positive,if the beginning speed is 0, it will be positive, if the beginning speed is 0, it will be negative, if the beginning speed is 0, it will be positive
if an NFL running back sprints 40 yard dash in 4.38 seconds, what is his speed in feet/min (there is only three feet in a yard) 1,643
if it takes an NFL running back 1.2 seconds to start from rest and accelerate to a final speed of 32.4 ft/sec, what is his acceleration rate 27.0ft/sec²
if you were changing units of number from kilometers/hours into miles/hour, what would you do( 1 mile = 1.61 kilometer divide by 1.61
how did you find the acceleration of the car ramp lab speed at B- speed at A divided by time between A and B
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