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April 12-16, 2010

suspects people who are believed to be guilty of committing crimes
alibis suspects' claim of having been elsewhere when a crime was committed
warrants documents that give the police the right to search or arrest people
intrude to force oneself without permission or welcome
merge combine
took a stand - (idiom) adopt a firm position about an issue
tolerance willingness to listen to different views
lavish produced with lots of money or excess
corruption dishonest and unfair use of power for personal gain
campaign a planned series of actions to achieve a goal
afford to be able to pay for something
brush-off a refusal to talk to someone
breathtaking overwhelming
asthma a disease that causes breathing problems
exceeds goes beyond the normal limits
rival someone who is competing for the same thing as another
loyal faithful
routinely as a habit
petition a written request signed by many people asking those in power to change a policy
accuses blames someone for doing something wrong
Created by: jgalland