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WorldGeog. Questions

Miscellaneous world geography questions

What is the study of the Earth and people on it? Geography
What is a desert climate like and what is an example of where it would be found? Dry, hot, little precipitation, little shrublike vegetation; Sahara Desert, Atacama Desert, Arizona, northern Mexico
What is a steppe climate like and what is an example of where it would be found? Dry, grassy, cold winters with warm summers; Eastern Europe, parts of Russia, North America's Great Plains
What is a tropical rainforest climate like and what is an example of where it would be found? Humid, warm, abundant rainfall, abundant rainfall; Amazon rainforest, Southeast Asia, western India
What is a highland climate like and what is an example of where it would be found? Cooler temperatures, shrublike vegetation and grasses, lots of precipitation; parts of Peru and Bolivia, central Mexico, Cascade Mountains
What is a tundra climate like and what is an example of where it would be found? Cold, very little precipitation, mostly grasses and shrublike vegetation; parts of Russia, Alaska, Canada
What are the five themes of geography? Location, Place, Region, Movement, and Human-Environment Interaction
What is Location? "Where is it?"
What is Place? "What is it like there?"
What is Region? An area with similar characteristics
What is Movement? "How are people and places connected?"
What is Human-Environment Interaction? "How does the environment affect men, or vice versa?"
What is the longest mountain range in North America? Cascade Range
What is the belief that one race is superior to another? Supremacism/supremacy/racial supremacy
What is an irrational prejudgement? Prejudice
Belonging to a particular nation by birth, origin, or nationalization? Nationality
What is a group of people having a common ancestry or cultural characteristics called? Ethnic group
What is the highest mountain in South America? Aconcagua
What is a person of European and African descent called? Mulatto
What is a person of European and Native American descent called? Mestizo
What is a person of European descent but born in South America or the Caribbean called? Creole
What is the ancient Peruvian civilization? Incas/Inca Civilization
What is the ancient Mexican civilization? Aztecs/Aztec Civilization
What is the ancient Guatemalan/Yucatan civilization? Mayans/Maya Civilization
Large African waterfalls are called ________ Cataracts
What is the segregation of blacks and whites in Africa called? Apartheid
Who colonized most of Africa? Britain/Europe
How many languages are spoken in Africa? 1000-2000
What is the saltiest body of water on Earth? The Dead Sea
What gulf is famous for petroleum? Persian Gulf
What is OPEC? The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
What are 2 things OPEC regulates? Oil consumption and prices
What is petroleum used for? Fuel and plastic production
What three religions began in the Middle East? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
What are the Islamic Five Pillars of Faith? Charity/almsgiving, Prayer, Faith, Pilgrimage, Fasting
What is the holy book for Judaism? Hebrew Bible
What is the holy book for Islam? Quran/Koran
Which river is the "Mainstreet of Europe?" Danube River
What river flows through Paris? Seine River
What is the European Union? A group of economically (and in some ways politically) connected European countries
How many countries are members of the European Union? 27
Whose philosophical ideas started communism? Karl Marx
What is the goal of the communist system? To have a stateless, classless society/to distribute wealth evenly
In what year did the USSR collapse? 1991
How many new countries were formed by the collapse of the USSR? 12
What is the tallest mountain peak in the world? Mount Everest
What causes monsoons to change direction? Changes in air pressure
What is the main religion in India? Hinduism
What river is holy to Hinduism? Ganges River
What is karma? The idea that actions, good or bad, have consequences or rewards in the future.
What is dharma? Buddhist teaching and practice in general
What is reincarnation? The belief that when you die, you will be reborn as something else.
What is a caste system? A social system a person is born into that determines the opportunities an individual might have access to.
Who was Ghandi? An Indian lawyer, nationalist, and political ethicist
What is the largest dam in the world? Three Gorges Dam
Who is Buddha? A teacher who started the practice/religion of Buddhism
Who is the Dalai Lama? The highest spiritual leader of Tibet
What are three way Buddhism is different that Hinduism? Buddhism doesn't have as many formal rituals, it doesn't have priests, and it doesn't use the caste system while Hinduism does.
What country/countries is/are the culture hearth of Asia? India and/or China
What is the difference between high and low islands? High islands are islands composed of the original basalt rock from the island's volcanic creation. Low islands are islands made of sediment material, coral rubble, or uplifted coral reefs.
Who are the people native to Australia? Aborigines
What is helping to manage the affairs of other countries called? Imperialism
Created by: GwenRoseO
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