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Product Knowledge

Chae Organics - Product Knowledge

CoQ10 Moisturizer Rich in Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Anti-aging,Increase moisture by 60% within several uses, Omega 3,6,7,9, protects epidermis, increases collagen health, reduces irritation and stinging, firms, reduces redness, dryness, flakiness and roughness
Foaming Cleanser Washes away dirt and city pollution, targets inflammation, soothes all skin types, conditions, excellent for children, use w/o water for quick cleanse, use for eye makeup
ReNuAll Purifying, Deep Cleansing, Exfoliating, One Step cleanser/scrub. Detoxes, helps treat eczema,psoriasis, clogged pores, Natural Beta Acids and jojoba beads and Sea Buckthron to promote regeneration
Acne Free Cleanser Botanicals deep-cleanse, leaving skin free of chemical irritation. Salicylic acid penetrates pores and loosens dead skin to be gently removed with jojoba beads. Clears out compacted wax
Clarifying Cleanser Balances Oily skin w/o stripping skin's oils, creamy, pearlized, accelerates the body's rejuv process and is vital to maintaining a good acid/alkaline balance. Stimulates growth of new tissue, Excellent for shaving, Clears scalp disorders - use before sha
Polishing Complex Exfoliating masque, enables moisture absorption. Sweet lemon-lime. Natural fruit acid complex and glacier flour, and exfoliating particles.
Glacier Silt Heals, Relieves, Restructures, source of numerous minerals, nutrients. Detox.
Neroli Mist Orange Blossom hydrolate balances all skin types minimizing enlarged pores, wrinkles,great for distended capilaries, and increasing circulation. Lifts spirits and reduces mental stress.
OxyPlus Mist Invigorating, Regenerating, Moisturizing,Lavender, Delivers liquid Oxygen, Reduce inflam, regens tissue, reduces potential scarring.
NuAge Serum Pure peptides from organic whey, Vit C 50x stronger than ascorbic acid, results in 3-6 weeks, increased procollagen by 84%,elastin by 61%, reduce skin pigment by 75%, effective on dry, oily and acne skin
Vital Eyes Firm up to 200%
Acne Free Cleanser Ingredients Salicylic Acid breaks physical bond between dead skin cells, sebum oil and other organic debris, Jojoba bead for exfoliation,Lavender Oil reduces inflammation, scars and lesions
Clarifying Cleanser Ingredients MSM to accelerate bodys rejuv process - vital to maintaining good acid/alkaline, Butterfly Bush Extract as antioxidant and increas skin moisture up to 33% in 2 hrs, Glacier silt for nutrients and enzymes that desensitize tissue acting as an anti-inflam
Foaming Cleanser Ingredients Algae & Mugwort Extract - rich in amino acids that reduce sting 68%, Reduce skin erythema during UV exposure, Reduce irritation 60%, Rose Geranium, soothing to acne, broken capillaries, burns, congested skin, cuts, dermatitis,...see Rose Geranium
Nutra Cleanser Ingredients Burdock Root Extract for irritated, inflammed, itching skin as well as eczema and acne. Caprylic - fresh fatty acid blen dervied from coconuts to provide moisture, Butterfly Bush & Thyme for antioxidant, antibacterial, increase moisture up to 33% in 2 hrs
Nutra Cleanser Ingred (cont'd) Shea Butter for moisturizing, vit E, Sunflower to decrease dryness up to 50% and replenish lipid barrier. Ylang Ylange prevents hair loss and stimulates scalp.
ReNuAll Cleanser Ingredients Jojoba Beads, Glacier Minerals, MSM, Nigella Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry
Amethyst Serum Reverses dry, rough, cracked irritated skin, improve moisture levels by 83%,marine derived mucopolysaccharides help retain water in the epidermis while healing
Smart Serum Summer defense system provides deep tissue protection for use under sunscreen or moisturizer, Detects skin disorders and activates the appropriate response
Vitality Serum Restore, Soothe, Rejuv, timed-release ingredients.
Created by: BAC
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