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Of mice and menO.o

Lit terms from the unit

define bindle a bundle,as of bedding, carried by a homeless person.
define jack(slang) money
morosely sad, sullen
pantomime to act out an action w/o a voice.
droned to repeat over and over in the same tone.
contemplated to deeply think about a serious situation.
Soledad a coastal california city about 130 miles south of San Fransico.
Salinas River a river that flows north through Soledad and into Montrey Bay.
Weed a northern California mining town.
watchin' that blackboard employment agencies would post available jobs on a blackboard in front of their offices. prospective employees would watch the black board for any new jobs.
work cards a job assignment from an employment agency would be written on a work card to be presented by the worker to the employer.
imply to indicate indirectly( It is implied that Lennie is dumb by the way that he speaks.)
infer to conclude by reasoning( the reader can infer the matter of Lennie's death)
exposition the layout of a story(everything that happens)
setting place and time of a story( California farming country )
point of view whoever the narrator is(this book is 3rd omniscent)
Where did the bus drop the two men off? Soledad( 10 miles from the ranch)
How is George descirbed? small and quick, dark of face, restless and sharp eyes, slender.
How is Lennie described? huge, shapeless of face, large pale eyes, sloped shoulders. dragged hands as if they were paws.
What does Lennie do with the water that makes him proud of himself? he makes a rippling effect.
What does Lennie not have in his pocket? his workcard
Why does Lennie not have his work card? George has his workcard.
What does Lennie take out of his pocket that gets him yelled at by George? A dead mouse.
What did Lennie want to do with this item? pet the mouse
Where are George and Lennie going? To the ranch in Soledad.
From where are George and Lennie coming from? Weed, California.
When they get to where they are going, what does George tell Lennie not to do? George tells Lennie not to say anything.
Why did George and Lennie leave the last place they were in ? Their job was done, and Lennie got in trouble for touching a girl's dress because she screamed rape.
When Lennie goes out to get wood for a fire, what does he bring back that George had taken away? His dead mouse
Who used to give Lennie mice? His Aunt Clara
Why did she stop giving Lennie mice? She realized he could not cotrol his strength and that he was killing them.
What does Lennie want with his dinner that they don't have? Ketchup
What does George imply happened with the girl in Weed? He touched a girl's red dress.
What dream do George and Lennie share? To own a farm together with rabbits.
Where does George tell Lennie to go if he gets in trouble? The brush where they were camping
Created by: Lren95
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