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Chapter 9 emotion

Chapter 9 Motivation and Emotion

The approach to motivation that forced psychologists to consider the hereditary factors in motivation was the ______ approach. Instinct
The need for money is an example of a(n) _______ drive. Acquired
Jocelyn needs to be the one whose ideas are always used and craves prestige among others. She drives an expensive car and wears nothing but the most expensive clothes. Jocelyn is high in the need for ________. Power
People who are always looking for a challenge may be high in the need for ________. Achievement
Evidence from a study with 2- year-olds who were given an opportunity to explore a black box with a hole in it suggests that sensation seeking may be _________. Acquired over time
Gene is trying to choose a snack. The fact that Gene feels drawn to choose the candy bar instead of the fruit is an example of the power of _________. Incentives
According to Maslow, a person who wants to become self-actualized must first satisfy ________. More basic needs such as food and safety
Shontia works at a day care center. The pay is low and the hours are long, but she loves being around children and has no desire to look for a higher-paying job. Motivation appears to be _______. Intrinsic
When we eat, the pancreas releases _________, which lowers blood sugar and can increase the feeling of hunger. Insulin
The structure in the brain that, when damaged, causes rats to stop eating is called the _______. Later Hypothalamus
The rate at which your body burns energy when at rest is called the ________. Basal metabolic rate
According to Rodin, externals are people who may produce insulin in response to anticipating food as a result of __________. Classical Conditioning
If there is a history of obesity in a family, each family member has ___________ of becoming obese compared to people without such a family history. Double or triple the risk
Leptin is a _________ involved in appetite control. Hormone
Unlike anorexics, bulimics ________. may appear to be normal weight
The role of _________, a neurotransmitter that is also implicated in obesity, may provide clues to both bulimia and anorexia. Serotonin
Your heart is racing, your breathing is rapid, and your mouth is dry. What emotion are you experiencing? Not Possible to distinguish
The __________ theory of emotion would predict that people with spinal cord injuries that prevent them from experiencing sympathetic arousal would show decreased emotion. Cannon-Bard
In Schachter and Singer's classic study, participants were physically aroused by ________. Receiving epinephrine
The theory of emotion that owes a lot to Darwin's work is the _________ theory. Facial feedback
Researchers have found that the human brain _______. Can respond to a threat before it becomes conscious of the threat.
According to Myers, which of the following would not lead to increased happiness? Focusing on oneself
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