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Maya Aztec, Inca


Copan ancient Mayan city, located in the present-day country of Honduras
civilization culture that has developed systems of government, religion, and learning
Tikal ancient Mayan city, located in the present-day country of Guatemala with many pyramids
pyramids is a building with a square base and four triangular sides
hieroglyphics symbols, signs, or pictures used in ancient writing
Tenochtitlan Aztec city located in Lake Texcoco
specialize able to concentrate on doing particular kinds of work
empire group of lands and people under the control of one government
tribute was a tax that was paid in goods or services
chinampas floating gardens
causeway a raised road that connects an island to the mainland
terraces level fields built into a mountain; provided more flat land for farming especially for the Incas
Cuzco Incan capital city; known as the cradle ancient Inca civilization
Machu Picchu Incan city built in the Andes Mountains; on of the Inca's greatest achievements
emperor absolute ruler
The 3 Sisters trio of vegetables that grew well together; squash, beans, maize
obsidian hard rock from volcanic rock that they Mayans used to make tools
Valley of Mexico A valley where the Aztecs settled.
Aztlan A land where the Aztecs supposedly came for.
Lake Texacoco the lake the Aztecs settled on.
The Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus an island where the Aztecs saw the sign as to where they were to settle
Moctezuma II Last Aztec emperor, overthrown by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes.
Pachacuti Ruler under whom the Incan Empire grew quickly
Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world on the border of Bolivia and Peru
mita labor tax system used by the Inca
Children of the Sun name given to all Incas
llamas used for their meat, wool, and to carry goods
irrigation the watering of drylands and they did this by using streams, canals, or pipes to carry the water
Incan architecture buildings were put together like a jigsaw puzzle without cement or mortar
Incan Trail a network of roads used to communicate throughout the Incan Empire
quipus A system of knotted cords of different sizes and colors used by the Incas for keeping records
Atahualpa Last ruling Inca emperor of Peru. He was executed by the Spanish.
Inca located along the west coast of South America
Maya located in the Yucatan Peninsula
Aztec located in the Valley of Mexico
maize an important crop for the Maya, Inca, and Aztecs
Hernando Cortes Conquered the Aztec Empire
Franciso Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire
Yucatan Peninsula An area of land in Central America where the Mayan civilization settled.
Created by: JudyDavenport
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