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Chapter 8 Develop

Development across the life span

Difference between age groups would cause the most serious problems for which developmental research method? Cross-Sectional
If a person has one gene for cystic fibrosis but does not have the disease, cystic fibrosis must be a _______ disorder. Recessive
In _______ syndrome, the 23rd pair of chromosomes is missing an X, resulting in short, infertile females/ Turners
Which of the following represents dizygotic twins? Two eggs get fertilized by two different sperms.
The spongelike organ that provides nourishment for the growing baby and filters away waste products is called the _______. Placenta
The critical period for pregnancy is the ______. Embryonic period
Mary's baby was born with a smaller than normal head, some facial malformations and is mentally retarded. Most likely ________ during her early pregnancy. Drank alcohol
Which of the following is not a risk associated with failing to have a child immunized? The child may become immune to the diseases
In the ______ reflex, the baby moves its head toward any light touch to its face. Rooting
Which of the newborn's senses is the most fully developed at birth? Touch
At what age can the typical infant sit without support? 6 months
By age 5, the brain is at ______ percent of its adult weight. 90
In which of Piaget's stages does the child become capable of understanding conservation? Concrete operational
According to Vygotsky, giving a child help in the form of asking leading questions and providing examples is called, _______. Scaffolding
As children grow from the preschool years into middle childhood, the big changes in the capacity of short-term memory are most likely due to an increase in the use of ______. Control strategies
Little Kashif held his empty cup up to his mother and said, "milk!" His use of this word is labeled _________. A holophrase
As an infant, Liz never liked change, but if you introduce new things gradually, she will eventually accept them without too much fuss. Liz is most likely ______. Slow to warm up
In the Strange Situation, _______ babies were clinging, unwilling to explore, very upset when mommy left the room, and demanded to be held but pushed her away at the same time when she returned. Ambivalent
In Erikson's crisis of ____, babies were developing a sense of competence and self-esteem. Industry versus inferiority
Samantha refuses to go to school because her chin has a "huge" pimple on it and she is afraid that everyone will laugh at her and point. Samantha is a victim of ________. Imaginary audience
Erikson's fifth stage of psychosocial development is ______. Indentity versus role confusion
Vision and hearing begin to decline in the ______. thirties
A decline in testosterone in the forties is called ______. Andropause
The crisis of middle adulthood, according to Erikson, is ______. Generativity versus stagnation
Rebellion in the teenage years is the most likely outcome of _______ parenting. Authoritarian
Collagen, an elastic tissue that becomes less elastic as we get older, is a good example of the _____ theory of aging. wear-and-tear
According to Kubler-Ross, when bargaining fails, _____ usually results. Depression
Which of the following statements about adult ADHD is true? The symptoms of ADHD in adulthood are similar to those in children.
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