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Mail Empire

Unit VII Part 4 of West African Kingdoms

What did the Mali empire do in the 13th century? they broke away from Ghana
What is the economy like ? Traders spread beyond W Africa became a very wealthy empire
When happened in the 13th c. when the rulers converted? Islamized state
Who was the founder of the Mali empire? Sundiata
When did Sundiata die? dies in 1260
What is Sundiata's other name that is well known? Lion Prince
What does Sundiata do with the society? He divides the society into clams with different jobs
What did Sundiata create through the empire? created peace through loyalty
How were crimes handled? punishment was very sever
What did Sundita create with an expansion and creation of a unified state? Maninke expansion and creation of unified state with each tribe having a representative
What was the defense for the empire like? It was heavily defended
The kings who ruled Mali after Sundiata converted to what ? Islam
Who was the MOST important king? Mansa Musa
What did he build to keep control over Mali? built a 100,000 man army
He divided Mali into? Provinces
What did each province rule? ruled by appointed governors
What two cites were created under Mana Musa? Jenne and Timbuktu
What was the purpose of building the cities? 1. major cities of commercial exchange
Who all would come to the cities? scholars, artisans, y merchants
What were some buildings that were built inside of the cities? Mosques, libraries, and universities
What was allowed in the cities? polygamy was allowed
definition of polygamy? having multiple wives
Why was polygamy allowed? bc of having children to spread the Islamic faith and to have the ability to have more children
What was along the Niger River? Irrigation
Mana Musa was the ____________ of Mali? 2nd ruler
Created by: Sophie ER
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