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Mexico study guide

Mexico and Central America Study guid

Which of the following areas of water borders the country of Mexico? All of the above
Mexico is separates in political divisions called_________. States
Farmers in the Sonoran Desert use a system called_________ to provide water for their crops. Irrigation
One of the longest rivers in Mexico is the _____________, know in the United States as the Rio Grande. Rio Brave Del Norte
Why do many tourists come to Mexico? Both A and C, Ancient Ruins and pyramids beaches.
Which statement describes the Aztec? They had a complex social writing system
Settlers from which country has the most wealth in colonial Mexico? Spain
When did Panama take over control of the Panama Canal? 2000
Why do the Caribbean islands have so much diversity? Several European countries rules them as colonies
Where do 20% of Mexico's people live? Mexico City
What is the main language in most central American countries? Spanish
Which Caribbean country is know for its reggae music? Jamaica
Mexico shares its southern border with the US. False
The official Mexican Flag is made up of three distinct colors: Green, white and Red. What does each color represent? Hope, Purity, union
Where did the Maya live? Lowland plains of the yucatan peninsula
Created by: Christmascat2018
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