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Exam 2 practice questions

Kira’s grandma gives her money for helping with chores. Kira learns that she can exchange the money for candy and toys. Kira goes to her grandma’s house every weekend to help with chores. The money acts as what kind of reinforcer?? generalized conditioned reinforcer
Mr. Jackson designs a ? for his classroom. He provides checkmarks to students when they turn in their work on time, and transition from play to work time appropriately. Students can later exchange the checkmarks for preferred items and activities. token economy
Izra first provides a cat treat only when her cat walks toward the bell. Then, she provides a cat treat only when the cat paws at the bell. Finally, she provides a cat treat only when the cat successfully rings the bell. Izra used ? to teach this skill shaping
Example of an establishing operation? Taylor just ran a half marathon. They stop at a convenient store on their way home to get a liter of water.
Clara presents her client w/ 5 toys. Her client picks a toy, She lets them to play with item for 30 seconds, takes it, and provides rest of the toys to choose from. doing this process a few times, makes a list of her clients most/least wanted toys. Stimulus preference assessment
Yasmine gets kicked out of her favorite after school club following a physical fight. She does not get into any more fights. This is an example of ?? Negative punishment
Which is an example of response cost? Each time Brie aggresses toward a peer, she loses one minute of playground time.
Jorge buys a new electric collar for his dog. Now, if the dog goes within five feet of the end of the property, the collar delivers a tone. If the dog does not move, it delivers a shock. The tone is a(n) Conditioned punisher
Sometimes, Lizzy can get a free soda from the machine if she presses the button several times rapidly. This is _____ reinforcement. Intermittent
Phoebe participates in a study where she accesses $.10 after an average of 5 lever presses on right side or $.10 on the 1st press after an average of 2 minutes passes on left side. Right side reflects a ? schedule, the left side reflects a ? schedule Variable-ratio; variable-interval
Freddy is testing the effects of variable-ratio schedules on responding. What type of responding should he expect? High rates of responding with no post-reinforcement pause
Noah is going door-to-door with his child selling girl-scout cookies. He tells his child to look for cars in the driveway because that means they are probably home and will open the door when they ring the doorbell. The car in the driveway is an ? SD
The principal hates gum chewing and gives students detention anytime she sees gum chewing. Before she enters a classroom, she knocks on the door in a unique way. When you hear her knock on your classroom’s door, you stop chewing gum. The knock is an _____ SDp
Olivia is learning to tie her shoes. Her mom has outlined each step to successfully tie shoes and provides a _____ by modeling each step of shoe tying. She is using a _______ to teach shoe tying. Prompt; task analysis
Yanelle is able to earn 1pt extra credit in math and 1 in English. She has the same grade in both. Math, she needs to solve 10 problems, which takes 30 minutes. English, is a 10-page paper, which takes hrs. Why is she more likely to choose to do math? Because it requires less effort
A rat in an operant chamber can press the lever on the right to access 75 reinforcers per hour. The rat can press the lever on the left to access 25 reinforcers per hour. What percentage of allocation to the right would you predict? 75%
Emily is playing with her infant. She makes the babble sound, “bah bah bah”. When her infant makes the same sound immediately following her sound, she squeals in excitement and tickles her infant. Emily’s infant engaged in a(n) _____ Echoic
Amir asks his new student, “what is your name?”. Amir’s student responds “Cho!”. Amir says, “nice to meet you!”. Amir’s student engaged in a(n) _____ Intraverbal
Bella’s mom tells her that if she doesn’t clean her room, cockroaches will move into her room. Bella really wants to please her mom, so she cleans her room. This is an example of _____ Pliance
Seijun learns that the word “cat” and a picture of a cat represent the same concept. Seijun has demonstrated ______. Symmetric relational responding
Created by: Chocot
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