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Chapter 19


what does it mean to migrate to move from one place to live in another
what is internal migration to move from one place to another within a country
what is international Migration to leave one country to go live in another
who is a migrant a person who moves from one place to another to find work or better living conditions
who is an immigrant A person who comes to live in a foreign country
who is an emigrant a person who leaves their own country to live in another
Who is a refugee an immigrant given special permission to live in another country because of war, natural disasters or bad treatment
who is an Asylum seeker an immigrant looking to be accepted as a refugee in another country
who is an internally displaced person a person forced to flee his or her home but who remains within his or hers country's borders
what is a forced migration when someone is forced to move due to war or famine
what is individual Migration when a person moves from one country or district to another
what is organised migration planned migrations of people carried out by governments or other Agencies
what are push factors and name some examples factors that force a person to move famine civil war lack of jobs drought over population climate change
what are pull factors and name some examples factors that attract a person to move to another country or region better jobs better education better standard of living better access to services
what are barriers to migration and name some examples factors that prevent or discourage migration from occurring Cost of travel leaving family language
give me 2 consequences, 2 push factors, 2 pull factors and 2 barriers in the ulster plantation English farming was introduced, English language was introduced England and Scotland were becoming overpopulated, Unemployment was rising in Scotland Cheap land was promised, planters wanted to help civilize the native Irish by introducing their customs
give me 2 consequences, 2 push factors, 2 pull factors and 2 barriers in the ulster plantation pt2 there was fear of attacks by the native Irish new planters were expected to build large castles to protect themselves, which was costly and took time
what is Globalisation the process whereby the world has become more interconnected
name three positives of migration for a migrant the creation of multi-ethnic society emigrant workers may send money home to their families upon return they can bring new skills such as speaking a different language which can help to improve the economy in the country of origin
name three negatives of migration for a migrant Immigrants can face discrimination Loss of well-educated young people for the country of origin loss of cultural leadership and traditions in the country of origin
Created by: JMahango
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