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Canada Study Guide

In which provinces do most Canadians live? Quebec and Ontario
Which region of Canada has areas that receive up to 100 inches of rain per year? British Columbia
Which Statement describes the landscape of British columbia? The landscapes of british columbia is like that of the northeast in the US
How many Great Lakes does Canada share with the US? 4/5
What waterway connects the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Lake Ontario St. Lawrence river
Why did the first people who came from Asia to Canada continue moving southward? Canada was covered with ice
Which country did britain compete with for power in the Americans? France
What was built in the late 1800's that connected eastern and western Canada? Transcontinental railroads
On what chief industries was Canada's economy based in the early 1900's? Agriculture and mining
What percentage of Canada's people are from the First Nations? 2%
Which city is Canada's busist port vancouver
In keeping its culture heritage unchanged, what influence do some Canadians fear the most? They worry that the United States will dominate their culture
What can be said about Canada's government? It is a parliament
What might be Canada's biggest challenge? Stay together as a nation
What does Canada depend on to power its industries, homes and transportation systems? Fossil Fuels
Created by: Christmascat2018
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