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Gr 6 Rome vocabulary

patrician a wealthy, powerful citizen of ancient Rome
plebian a common citizen of Rome
republic a form of government in which citizens have the right to choose their leaders
representative a person elected to represent the people
Senate a governing body in which ancient Roman representatives served
consul one of two officials who managed the government and the army in ancient Rome
dictator a person who has total control over the people
tribune in Ancient Rome, men who were appointed to protect the rights of plebians
patriotism a sense of pride in one's country
caesar an ancient Roman emperor
Hannibal 247 B.C.-183 B.C. Carthaginian general who launched an invasion against the Romans from Spain by crossing the Alps
Scipio 185 B.C.- 129 B.C. Ancient Roman general who attacked Carthage and forced Hannibal to retreat from Rome
Julius Caesar 100 B.C.- 44 B.C. Ancient Roman general whose murder led to the end of the Roman republic
emperor the ruler of an empire
gladiator a professional fighter in ancient Rome
Pax Romana "Roman Peace" A time when ancient Rome was prosperous and peaceful
colosseum sports arena that hosted organized battles
Claudius 10 B.C. - 54 A.D. Ancient Roman emperor after Caligula, who tried to improve conditions in the Empire
Nero ancient Roman emperor upon whose death civil war broke out
Marcus Aurelius 121-180 A.D. ancient Roman philosopher, general and emperor, who was perhaps the greatest of Rome's " Five Good Emperors"
catacomb an underground room used as a burial site
synagogue Jewish place of worship
disciple one of a small group of people who followed Jesus
persecute to punish
auction to sell something to the highest bidder
pope leader of the Roman Catholic church
pillage to rob
vandal a person who destroys property
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