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Nervous System Test

Biology and Behavior

What is the Nervous System? the major system responsible for coordinating and integrating behavior
What is the responsibility of the Nervous System? relays messages in the form of electrical impulses and chemical messages
What are the two main parts of the Nervous System? the Central and Peripheral Nervous System
The Central Nervous System Brain & Spinal cord- receive, process, interpret, store incoming info. and send out messages to muscles, glands, and organs
The Peripheral Nervous System Sensory nerves- bring input from skin, muscles, organs Motor nerves- sends info to muscles, glands, organs
Neurons the messenger
Smallest unit of the nervous system Neurons
Where are most neurons found? the brain (100 billion)
Dendrites branch out from the cell body pick up incoming messages and carry them to the neurons cell body
Cell Body produces energy that fuels the activity of the cell
Axon Single long fiber extending from the cell body carries outgoing messages from the cell (Axon= Away)
Axon Terminal Buttons small fibers that branch out from the end of the axon
Synapse Junction between the axon terminals of one neuron and the dendrites of another neuron
What passes through the Synapse? Electrical impulses and neurotransmitters
Neutral Communication the entire impulses passes through a neuron in about seven milliseconds- faster than a lightning strike
Neurotransmitters chemical messages released across synapses
Where are neurotransmitters stored? vesicles in the axon terminal buttons
Dopamine Controls motor behavior Evokes feelings of pleasure and reward Helps us pay attention to new things: Too little: Parkinson's disease Too much: Schizophrenia
Serotonin Calms mood, affects sleep, appetite linked to depression
Norepinephrine Controls alertness, memory, and attention linked to anxiety
Created by: alyssa1007
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