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Chapter 7

7th: Prokaryotic Cells

define morphology the form and structure of an organism or any of its parts
define mutation an abrupt and marked change in the DNA of an organism compared to that of its parents
define digestive enzyme protein designed to break down chemicals found in food
define microbiome collection of all microscopic organisms living in and on a person’s body
what is a denatured protein? protein that has been changed by heat or another process, making it unable to perform its intended function
TRUE or FALSE: most antibiotics are made by chemists in a lab False-bacteria and molds make them much more efficiently
vitamins and minerals are collectively called what? MICROnutrients
is there such thing as a simple organism? why? NO. their may be less complex organisms (prok.) but they are far from simple. think of all the processes they are able to perform! (know them!)
where have we found proof ARB have been around longer than current antibiotics? genes were found in fossilized feces from Middle Ages
explain microevolution this process makes specialized versions of the organism over time
where do illnesses come from? poor diet, genetics (DNA), some via germs
do mutations cause resistance to bacteria by creating new genes? NO! they do not create new genes, they degrade an already existing gene
what vitamin groups are essential to humans? A, B, C, D, E, K
name the water soluble and fat soluble vitamins water=B, C fat=A, D, E, K
what happens during inflammation? area becomes red, swollen and increase in WBC
does your microbiome ever change? YES! it adapts to your body's needs, which change over time
how do nitrogen-fixing bacteria do their jobs? takes in nitrogen from the air and releases a chemical that has nitrogen in the form plants can use
do leafcutter ants have a mutualistic relationship with bacteria? explain the ants grow a fungus they can eat. bacteria live on the ants and release chemicals that protect the fungus from other things that want to eat it
why is penicillin so significant to modern antibiotics? it was the first antibiotic ever discovered. modeled how we created further antibiotics. moldy bread??
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