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First Light

What is Peter’s dad’s job? Glaciologist
To what country did Peter’s dad hope to take Peter and his mom? Greenland
How much money was promised to the University to study global warming? 1.5 million
What is the name of the graduate student who came to stay with Peter’s family? Jonas
What term does Miles use for shoes? Cups
What did the scrap of paper Peter found under the couch after breakfast say? What’s the worst that can happen?
When did Thea’s mother die? When Thea was a baby
What color was the council chamber’s ceiling? Light blue
What image was carved on Thea’s trunk? An Oak tree
What is Thea’s dog’s name? Peg/ Pegasus
What breed of dog is Peg? Chikchu
Who is summoned when a woman wants to have a child? The Angus
What was Thea’s mom’s dog’s name? Gru
What is the name of the settlement where Thea lives? Gracehope
How many pups did Cassie have? 8
What legendary markings did one of Cassie’s pups have? 4 white paws
What did the four white paws symbolize? It was safe to cross the cold world again.
What was the name of Peter’s favorite sled dog? Sasha
What were the three words the first lines always began supper with? To Thea's daughters
What is the name of the closet town to Peter in Greenland? Qaanaaq
What was the original name of Grace's settlement? Grace's Hope
What symbol on the map of Gracehope does Thea think indicates that it was drawn by a member of the first bloodline? tree-sign signature
What does Lucian say that the tree signature respresents on the map Thea receives? survival
What is Mattias's apprenticeship in? engineering
How is Thea's map different from the other 3? It is roughly drawn, not as detailed
How much higher does Jonas say the ocean would be if the whole Greenland ice cap melted? 20 feet
What is mtDNA? mitochondiral DNA
What does mtDNA do? tells each cell engine how to build itself so that the cell can work as it is supposed to
What is Leber's disease? impairs vision and may cause blindness in people
What did Thea and Mattias find on the walls of the tunnel? colored drawings of the settlers
How were the drawings on the walls of the tunnel different from the ones on the wall of the Council Chamber? they were in color, there were babies and older people; it was a vision of the future
What 2 words are written at the top of the archway? Hope Lives
On what surface do Thea's dogs sleep on? sand
What color is the light from the Thea's lightglobe? Green
What is Thea's lightglobe fueled by? oxygen
Whose hand leads Thea back into through the hole? Dexna, Mattias's grandmother
What were the first words Dexna said after Thea was resued? She is her mother's daughter
What kind if scientist if Peter's mom? a biologist
Where counry is Peter's mom from? England
What is Thea's favorite salad? smoked fish with bitterest greens
What toy was Thea attached to when she was about 2 years old? a toy ricewater pot
What color is Peter's mom's notebook? red
Who was Chief of Council in Thea's mother's time? Agis
Who became Chief of Council after Agis? Rowen
Why did Mai have to leave Gracehope? ordered to leave by Rowen because she had been going to the surface.
Who left the map for Thea? Dexna
What was Mai's birth sister's name? Aurora
About how long has Dexna been silent? about 14 years
How are Peter and Thea related? cousins
What is Peter's gift? exceptional eyesight; eye adept
What is Aurora's gift? ear adept
What is Aurora's signal to Peter's dad that she had found GraceHope? red flashlight
What was the one different peg on the wooden beam made out of? brass
What is the Chikchu signal for swimming in the lake? swimwarm
What is the name of the legend pup? feet
What is Peter's Dad's name? Gregory
What is the red ring in the ice wall? Mai's bracelet
What is Feet addicted to? Moo Shu Chicken
What was behind the image of the 2 sisters that Mattias found in his mother's drawing table? A sun
After which birthday did Peter's mom begin questioning him about headaches? 12
What was Peter's dad's job? a glaciologist
What were the 2 parts to his dad's job? (a) teaching in New York (b) fieldwork
How much money did the philanthropist promise the university? 1.5 million
What was Peter's mom's book about? mitochondrial DNA
Who is Jonas? one of Dr. Solemn's grad students
According to Miles, what are pipes? pants
What had Peter's dad written on the paper Peter found under the couch? What's the worst that can happen?
Who is Mai? Thea's mom who died when she was a baby
How old is Ezra going to be? 5
Who is Meriwether? Thea's tutor
Name 1 of the 3 inventions that Grace discovered. 1. How to seal ice to become like stone 2. Oxygen lamps 3. Water wheel that provided power and drew air from earth's surface
Who gave birth to the settlement's first child? Sarah
Who is the last daughter of the first bloodline? Thea
What is Lana's job? master gardener
What are 2 of the 4 most important Chikchu traits? 1. strength 2. intelligence 3. coordination 4. loyalty
How many pups did Cassie have? 8
What was the legend's mark on the runt? 4 white paws
Who is Peter's favorite husky? Sasha
Who is Lucian? archivist
What did Lucian tell Thea the tree sign meant? "one survives"
What color egg did Peter's mom choose from Fonel's spring egg box? dark pink
What 2 drawing's were on the wall of the tunnel they discovered? (a) settlers walking to Gracehope (b) settlers returning to wider world
What was carved on the archway at the end of the tunnel? Hope Lives
What is a beacon? 2 barks and a beat of silence
What was 1 of the things Thea did to try and stop Gru from howling? (a) pulled on Gru's harness (b) pressed on dog's eyes (c) pinched dog's ears (d) scratched dog's muzzle
What did Peter do to help keep Mattias warm while he was trapped? erected the hard weather pod around him
Whose voice did Thea not recognize on the other side of the ice wall where she, Mattias, and Peter were trapped? Dexna's voice
What was Thea's favorite salad? smoked fish with bitterest greens
Why did Lana say Dexna chose to not speak? to remind some of another voice that was silenced
Why did Rowen use her position as Chief of Council to make Mai leave Gracehope? her illness was unknown to them and posed a health risk
What 2 reasons did Lucian give for himself telling Thea about her mother? 1. he loved Mai & they were a "family" 2. he told Mai of the tunnel
Who left Mai the map? Dexna
Who was Mai's birth sister? Aurora
How long had Dexna remained silent? 14 years
Who was Dolan's 1st apprentice? Aurora
Who was William? the last eye adept before Peter
What was the line that the William character in the play was supposed to say, but was forgotten? "Yes, Grace, and I will alert you if I see hide or hair of the hunters."
Who is Peter's one companion? Feet
Created by: williamsib
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