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Dragon Slippers

How does Creel suggest she pay Ulfrid for letting her stay at the inn? Sewing red satin trim around the aprons
How is the Duchess of Mordul related to the king? Cousin
How long has Larkin worked for Derda? 10 years
How many coppers to a silver? 10
How many days did it take Creel to finish her shop dress? 2
How many hours a day is Derda's shop open? 4 to 5 hours
How much does Creel get paid to work in the shop? 1 silver every 2 weeks
How old is Hagen? 14
How old is Sardus? 700 years
What are the advantages of Miles marrying the princess? better port access and relaxed tarriffs
What are the dragon slippers made of? The hide of Velkia, the last queen of the dragons.
What book does Creel select at the Market? The Lay of Irial
What color are the slippers that Creel gives to the princess? brown
What color is Creel's shop gown? pink
What colors did Creel choose to use in her embroidery for the gown ? scarlet, azure, and violet
What did Creel's mother call sewing? her "thinking time"
What did Shardas tell Fenial to put on in his message in the pool? A collar
What does Creel name her shop? Marisel's Fine Dressmaking
What does Shardas collect? windows
What does the Crown Prince's family call him? Miles
What does the dragon Amacarin collect? old books and scrolls of poetry
What does the dragon Niva collect? Tapestries
What does the dragon Theoradus collect? shoes
What gemstone is in Marta's engagement ring? a sapphire
What gift does Prince Luka send Creel? Three pearl necklaces.. One golden, one almost blue, and the 3rd blush colored.
What happened to Larkin after she put on Creel's slippers? She fainted
What is the color of Marta's hair? strawberry blonde
What is the name of Princess Ameilia's dog? Pippin
What is the name of the cook at Ulfrid's inn? Gemma
What is the name of the Roulaini king? King Prilliam
What is the name of the sea below the cliff that the King's Seat is built? The Boiling Sea?
What is the name of the shop owner that Creel works for in the King's Seat? Derda
What is the purpose of the Merchant's ball? To find a wealthy investor
What is the title of the book that Luka gives to Miles to purchase for the Princess? The Complete History of the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Feravel
What three things does Creel decide to embroider in the back panels of her dress? 1. Zalthus flying over a forest 2. The hunt where Irial meets Zalthus 3. Irial playing her harp
What three things does Creel decide to embroider in the front panels of her dress? 1. the maiden Irial 2. The dragon Zalthus 3. the betrayal by her suiter
What type of fruit does Miles purchase at the market? Starfruit
Where does Marta say that Tobin is from? Moralein
Where is the Merchant's Ball held? The Winter Palace
Who built the Winter Palace? Milun the First
How did Creel's mother and Father die? Of the fever
The first dragon Creel met was named? Theoradus
Dragons communicate over great distances by using what? An enchanted pool
How old is Theoradus when Creel meets him? 670 years
What objects did Theoradus collect for his hoard? Shoes
What fell from the sky and saved Creel from the band of outlaws? A stained glass window
Who had saved Creel from the band of outlaws? Shardas
How many years ago were the dragons and humans friends? 400
The oldest dragon that Shardas had heard of was how old? near 3,000 Minchin One -Eyed
How did Shardas illuminate his inner cave? He used mirrors to reflect the light from the tpo
Shardas called to what dragon to discuss Creel and her slippers? Feniul
What does Feniul collect? Dogs
What specific type of work did creel hope to find in the King's Seat? Embroidering
What 2 reasons did Shardas give to Creel to let her stay with him? He wanted to prove that dragons were not as bad as the people said and He missed his alchemist friend.
Shardas gives the reason dragons came to Feraval. What was it? Many deep caves with air vents and hidden pools
Where did Shards say he got the new blankets for Creel? Found them hanging
How long did Creel stay with Shardas in his cave? 1 month
describe the sound Shardas's wing madde when he unfolded them. A snap like wet silk being shaken out.
How was Creel to contact Shards should she need him? Simply call his name
What was the name of the dog that Creel tripped over? Pippin
Who was Pippin's master? Amalia of Roulain
Who was Tobin? Luka's bodyguard
Who is Ulfrid Tobins older sister
Who owns the dress shop where Crekll finds employment? Derda
Who did Creel's hair for the Merchant Ball? Alle
Who gave Princess Amalia Creel's slippers? Larkin
What did Prince Luke promise to Creel after she told him about her slippers? He would see she got them back or was paid for them
What and where is the country of Moralien? A group of islands in the Ice Sea ruled by the Council of Elders
What gift did Luka send to Creel when he found the slippers were going to be hard to get? Freshwater pearls
How long had Larkin worked for Derda when Creel quit? 10 years
Where did Creel stay after she left the dressmakers shop? With Ulfrid
Who was the cook at Ulfrid's inn? Gemma
What is the Roulaini king's name? King Prilian
The Merchant's Ball was held in what palace? The Winter Palace
Whio was Shadas's mate? Velika
Who imprisoned Velika? King Milun
Why did Shardas and Velika dive into the Boiling Sea? To escape the control of the slippers.
Pippin climbed upon which dragon? Feniul
As her reward, King Caxel wanted Creel to marry whom? Prince Milun
Instead of marrying Miles, what reward did Creel get? A dress shop that she owned
Amalia's father's name is? King Prilian
Creel lived in Shardus'cave for how long? one month
How long did Creel walk before shw saw the bandits? 3 weeks
How much money will Creel get every 2 weeks? one silver
How old is Shardus? 700 years old
How old is Theoradus? 670 years
The blue slippers belonged to ? Milun the first
the blue slippers were made from what dragon? Velika
The dragon friend in the cave has what name? Amacarin
The first dragon to whom Cree talks is? the dragon of Carlieff or Theoradus
The Queen and her daughter died of what disease? blue fever
Tobin has a sister - the innkeeper. Her name is Ulfrid
What arrived in a wooden box for Creel as a present from Luka? 3 necklaces of pearl with a jasper clasp
What book did Creel buy with the money of the Prince Luka? The Lay of Irial
What book did Luca buy his future sisiter-in-law? The Compleat History of the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Feravel
What city did Creel go to after being in the cave? King' Seat
What color are the shoes that Creel picks in the cave? blue
What color are Tobin's tatoos? blue
What did Creel do to Larkin that Creel be fired? Creel cut off her braid.
What did Larkin receive as a gift? a bracelet of gold filigree
What does the note say under Azarte's collar? Foolow the dog.
What fruit did Alle and Creel eat with the princes? starfruit
What happened to stop the Merchant's Ball? A dragon ripped off the roof
What happened when Larkin put on the shoes? Her feet itched. She heard voice, fainted
What is Creel's entire name? Creelisel Carlbrun
What is the bname of Feniul's dog? Azarte
What is the name of the dog od Princess Amaliia? Pippin
What is the name of the shopkeeper where Creel works? Deida
What is the name of the square where the palaces are? Jyllite Square
Whem the bandits attacked Creel what stopped them? pieces of glass fell from the sky
Where was the Merchan's Ball held? In what building? the Winter Palace
Who decided to give Creel to a dragon? Her anunt
Who is getting married? Princess Amalia and Prince Milies
Who is the bodyguard of Prince Luka? Tobin
Who is the good dragon friend of Shardus? Feniul
Who is the seamstress who limps in the shop? Larkin
Who stole Creel's blue slippers? Larkin
Who was the dragon that saved Creel from the bandits? Shardus
Who was the first dragon collared? Amacariin
Created by: williamsib
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