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All The Lovely Bad

Who is the world-famous psychic and ghost hunter? Miss Eleanor Duvall
After the county seized Fox Hill Farm what did it become? a poor farm
How did Miss Ada die? She hanged herself
How do Corey and Travis see how Mr. and Mrs. Jaggs treated the poor? through their tv
How does Corey hide her hair when playing a ghost? used a scarf
How does Corey hollow out her cheeks to play a ghost? used green eye shadow
How many people are buried at Fox Hill? 67
How many rooms are there at the inn? 6
How tall is Travis? Five six, maybe seven
To what town do the children ride to for white make up? Middlebury
What 3 things did Caleb want Corey and Travis to do? Find Miss Ada's secret account book, mark the graves with proper stones, and exorcise Miss Ada.
What book do Corey and Travis find in the library? Haunted Inns of Vermont
What color lipstick does Corey use to play a ghost? purple
What did Corey and Travis call the ghost children? the shadow children
What did the shadow children want on the grave marker? names, dates, and numbers
What do Corey and Travis decide to do for fun? bring ghosts back to Fox Hill
What do Corey, Travis, and Grandmother see at the end of the book? a shototing star
What does Chester Coakley's license plate say? I C B-YOND
What does Corey say that she saw to start their prank? a woman in white
What happened when Corey screamed while pretending to be a ghost? the leaves on the trees rustled and shook
What is the name of the inn? The Inn at Fox Hill
What is written on Ada Jaggs' tombstone? A Wicked Heart is its own Reward
What is written on Miss Ada's coffin? Here Lie the Mortal Remains of Miss Ada jaggs
What pamphlet slid off a shelf and fell to the floor? The Strange History of Fox Hill as Recorded by the Reverend William Plaistow
What year did the inn reopen after years of neglect? 1967
When was Fox Hill Farm built? 1778
When was the inn built? late 1700s
When was the poor farm closed? 1841
Where does the story take place? Vermont
Where was Miss Ada's account book? In her coffin
Which ghost showed himself to Corey and Travis first? Caleb
Who came and took Miss Ada? a man who is probably the devil
Who is Chester Coakley? psychic investigator
Who ran the antique shop in Burlington? Vera Bartholomew
Who supervised the children at the poor farm? Miss Ada Jaggs
Who was overseer of the poor farm? Mr. Cornelius Jaggs
Who was the book at Fox Hill? Mrs. Martha Brewster
Who was the original owner of Fox Hill Farm? Jedediah Cooper
Who were the three boys who froze to death? Caleb, Seth, and Ira
What was the name of the airport where Grandmother picked up the children? Burlington
How old was Travis? Almost 13
How tall was Travis? about 5'6"
Where did Travis and Corey live? New York
In what state did Grandmother live? Vermont
What was the name of the camp where Travis and Corey used to go? Camp Willow Tree
What is the name of Grandmother's inn? The Inn at Fox Hill
The picture of what animal was on the inn's sign and what was the animal doing? A fox and he was smiling
What is the name of the cook at the inn? Martha Brewster
How many guest rooms are in the inn? six
How many rooms are on the second floor of the inn? four
How many rooms are on the third floor of the inn? two
How many guests can the inn house? twelve
The inn is mentioned in a book, name it. Haunted Inns of Vermont
On what page, in the book Haunted Inns of Vermont, is the inn mentioned? page 103
When was the Inn at Fox Hill built? late 1700's
Prior to 1940, what were the three purposes that the inn served? 1. boarding house 2. tuberculosis sanitarium 3. private school
How long was the inn vacant? fifteen years
In what year was the inn purchased by a young couple? 1955
What was the name of the couple who purchased the inn? Mr. And Mrs. Stephen Cornell
Where were the Cornell's from? Boston
How long did the Cornell's spend restoring the inn? more than 10 years
What year did the Cornell's open the inn for business? 1967
How many people could the dining room at the inn serve? at least 2 dozen people
What was on the dinner menu the first night that Travis and Corey were at the inn? spicy chicken served on rice,vegetable, rolls, salad
What is the name and age of the girl working at the inn? Tracy, she was 16
What time was it the first time Corey appeared as a ghost? 3 a.m.
For how long had Mr. Nelson been coming to Fox Hill Inn and in what month did he come? 20 years he came in July
What is the name of the womanwho was a self proclaimed ghost hunter? Miss Eleanor Duvall
What is the name of Miss Duvall's associate? Chester Coakley
What kind of car did Chester Coakley drive? Black hearse
On the side of Chester Coakley's car was a sign, what words were written in large letters and what color and font were the letters? Keep the dead peaceful written in white Gothic letters
On the side of Chester Coakley's car was a sign, what words were written in smaller letters? Chester Coakley,Psychic Investigator, The man to call when things go bump
What did Chester Coakley's license plate on his car say? I C B-YOND
When Chester Coakley was checking out of the inn, he told grandmother that he had spoken to the editor of what publication? Chronicles of the Dead
When Corey was in the library, a pamphlet fell off of the shelf, what was the title? The Strange History of Fox Hill
Whose name was listed on the pamphlet, The Strange History of Fox Hill, as the recorder? Reverend William Plaistow
In the pamphlet, The Strange History of Fox Hill, it was dedicated to whom? those who suffered at Fox Hill Poor Farm
In the pamphlet, The Strange History of Fox Hill, who was the poet that the author borrowed a few lines from ? Recite the poem. John Greenleaf Whittier The happy ones;and sad ones; the sober and the silent ones; the boisterous and glad ones; the good ones-yes the good ones, too; and all the lovely bad ones
When was Fox Hill Farm built? 1778
Fox Hill Farm was originally the home of whom? Jedediah Cooper
Who was Jedediah Cooper's great grandson? Charles Cooper
In what year did Fox Hill Farm become a poor farm? 1821
Who was appointed overseer of the poor at Fox Hill Poor Farm? Cornelius Jaggs
Who was chosen to supervise the children at the poor farm and how was she related to Cornelius Jaggs? Miss Ada Jaggs-she was his sister
How many years did the brother and sister run the poor farm? 20 years in July
In what year was the poor farm shut down and why? 1841 because the people were treated cruelly
After the Jaggs were dismissed, what happed to them? Cornelius left the area and vanished and Ada hung herself in a grove of trees by the house.
How many young boys did Ada Jaggs choose to punish so severly? at least a dozen
Corey and Travis met three of the young boys, what were their names and describe each one? Caleb-10 or 11 with pale face and freckles; Ira- same age as Caleb, dark and melancholy; Seth- about 7,smallest with red curls and two front teeth missing
When the tv changed to the same scene on every channel, what was the scene? Rainy with two horses pulling an old farm wagon
How did Caleb, Seth and Ira die? froze to death
How were the stones over the graves labeled and what were the labels for the three boys? with numbers, the boys were 27,28,29
What was the name of the secondhand bookstore in the Marketplace? Dusty Jacket
What was the name of the cat in thebookstore? Mog
Whose brother started the University of Vermont? Ethen Allen
In the bookstore, what was the cost of the book about Ethan Allen? 50 cents
What was the name of the bookstore's owner? Jack Pumphrey
How many people were buried in the cemetary? 67 people
What is the name of the Inn? Inn at Fox Hill
What color is the Inn? Pink
Who are the Brewters? Martha is the cook; her husband is the caretaker.
What book is the Inn featured in? Haunted Inns of Vermont
On what page number is the Inn featured? 103
What is on the square stones in the grove? Two digit numbers
Who is Eleanor Duvall? A psychic and ghost hunter
Who is Chester Coakley? A psychic investigator
What does he arrive in at the Inn? In a black hearse
What is painted on the side of Chester Coakley's car? Keep the ded peaceful
What does Chester Coakley's licence plate say? I C B-YOND
what is the title of the pamphlet that slides off the bookshelf? The Strange History of Fox Hill
What was the original purpose of Fox Hill? A Poor Farm
Who ran the poor farm? Cornelius & Ada Jaggs
How long was Fox Hill a poor farm? 20 years
Where is Ada Jaggs buried? At Fox Hill
What are the names of the 'bad ones' who show themselves? Caleb, Ira, Seth
How did Corey and Travis learn about Caleb's life at the poor farm? On the TV
How did the boys die? They were left out in the cold for stealing food
What numbers were on their stones? 27,28 & 29
Only one stone has a name inscribed - who's? Ada Jaggs
What inscription is on Ada Jaggs tombstone? A wicked heart is it's own reward
Why did Corey & Travis have to go to Burlington? Shopping for new clothes
What is the name of the bookstore in Burlington? Dusty Jacket
Which room at the Inn belonged to Miss Ada #7
What three things to the 'bad ones' want Corey & Travis to do? Find the secret account book, Makr the graves with proper tombstones, and exorcise Miss Ada
Whey do they need to find the secret account book? It contains the names of the people buried at Fox Hill
Where does Miss Ada's ghost say the secret account book is? "It's hidden where no one dares look"
Where do the 'bad ones' think the secret account book is? Buried with her
How is Seth related to the Mrs Brewster? He is her great-great-great-grandfather's nephew
What books is Grandmother reading? Bleak House by Charles Dickens
What time to Corey & Travis need to dig up the grave? The stroke of twelve
What is engraved on Miss Ada's coffin? Here lie the mortal remains of Miss Ada Jaggs'
Where was the metal box in the coffin? Cradled in the bones of Miss Ada's hands
How many names were listed in the account book? 67
What does Grandmother do with the account book? Donated it to the county historical society
What do the 'bad ones' give Grandmother as a thank you gift? 225 gold coins
Created by: williamsib
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